Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Making Strawberry and Chocolate Ice Cream

I have been challenged to make my own ice cream by OXO, and then use their OXO Good Grips Trigger Ice Cream Scoop to serve it up.


Now, I have never made ice cream in my life (unless you count the time I made my own ice cream at Cheshire Farm but all I had to do then was add some flavourings and let the machines do their thing).  Nor do I own a fancy home ice cream maker.  So my attempt is the lazy girl's approach to making ice cream!  It may be cheating, but the end result is great and for that reason I thought it was an idea worth sharing, for other cooks like me who are not adverse to a convenient shortcut now and again!!

It is so easy to make authentic tasting ice cream using the Angel Delight Chocolate Ice Cream Mix as a base.  Simply whisk together 2 packs with 300ml of milk and add some extras to make a delicious, bespoke ice cream that is ready to serve in just 4 hours!

angel delight

I added a bar of chopped milk chocolate and some chopped strawberries that I picked from my own garden.  

The OXO Good Grips Trigger Ice Cream Scoop made it so easy to serve up.  The strong scoop makes a perfectly formed, good sized ball of  ice cream.  Pressing the trigger releases the ice cream into the bowl with ease.  The handle is soft and relieves pressure on the hand so it doesn't hurt to scoop out the ice cream.  The scoop is strong and robust and does the job effortlessly.


Serving the ice cream with a big, red ripe homegrown strawberry made the job complete.  The chunks of chocolate and frozen strawberry pieces went together perfectly for a delicious summer dessert.

Find out more about the functional, attractive and innovative products from OXO at


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