Wednesday, 24 July 2013

New York Bakery Co Bagels - Spread the News

New York Bakery Co has launched its first ever crowd sourced recipe book filled with delicious and inspiring bagel recipes from fans across the UK available to download absolutely free from the New York Bakery Co Facebook page.

The bagel experts invited bagel fans across the UK to submit their favourite recipes for the chance to inspire the nation and be published in a recipe book.

The free recipe book features 20 of the most popular suggestions from Manhattan Start-Up to Rocket Man to offer an exciting and versatile range of ideas for every eating occasion.  


Feeling inspired by the recipes and having some bagels to review, I came up with our own lunchtime creation.  Melted cheddar cheese, fried eggs and ketchup on a lightly toasted plain bagel.  We called it the Free Ranger!


So why not download the free recipe book and get creative in the kitchen to come up with some lovely lunches and super snacks of your own using the very yummy and extremely versatile New York Bakery Co Bagels?  Find out more on at:


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