Thursday, 25 July 2013

Sammy's Great Escape


Sammy's Great Escape is the sequel to A Turtle's Tale - Sammy's Adventure.  Sammy and his best friend Ray are now grandfathers, helping to get their hatchling grandkids safely to the ocean.  Just as they are helping little Ricky and Ella on their way, poachers swoop in and catch them in a net.  They are transported to a spectacular underwater aquarium in Dubai where they meet up with the kingpin of the place, Big D along with his eel henchmen, who want to enlist them in an escape plan that Big D has been hatching.  Sammy and Ray aren't convinced by the Godfather-esque seahorse's plans and make their own breakout plan.  Meanwhile little Ricky and Ella turn up and they want to help free their grandfathers.  This sets into motion a series of narrow escapes and thrilling adventures full of danger until they are eventually reunited.

Sammy's Great Escape has some interesting characters including a lobster suffering from a personality disorder, a crazy seagull, a rather odd and ugly blow fish, an adorable baby octopus and two very cute baby turtles.  The plot includes some perilous moments along with some laughs along the way.

You can't help but make comparisons to the classic Finding Nemo, but if you put that aside, this is an enjoyable watch for the family in its own right.  It had some nice messages within the storyline, those of friendship, perseverance, good triumphing over bad and never giving up.  The story is very simple and predictable with no great plot twists, meaning little ones can follow it easily. It's colourful and lovely to look at with a heart warming ending.  My favourite part of the film was the soundtrack.  Featuring The Clash, Bob Dylan and the B52's, it was right up my street!

Sammy's Great Escape is a lovely film for the little ones with a rocking soundtrack to keep mum and dad happy too!

The film is available to purchase now from good retailers such as Amazon.


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