Friday, 19 July 2013

Say Hello to a Playful New Range of Confectionery by Lindt

I read an article yesterday about the lengths that some parents go to to impress teachers at the end of term. Mummies have been buying spa days, Harrod's Hampers and Tiffany necklaces for little Johnny's teachers in a bid to curry favour for their child.  This new trend in the behaviour of competitive school mums goes completely against the fact that most teachers said they would prefer a thoughtful, small gift from their pupils; a token gift given with love. 

This year, Lindt have launched a playful range of chocolates bursting with personality, fun and yummy ingredients!  The range includes the lovely gifting boxes which look fabulous and are filled with Lindt's delicious chocolates. Perfect gifts for giving to a teacher to say thank you.


The boxed collection from Hello is available in a range of options, including the Hello Thank You box (45g), the Hello Heart Tin (45g), the Hello Cube (250g) and the Hello Praline box (100g).

RRP £2.49 - £6.99.

I am a big fan of Lindt chocolates and if someone gave me a gift of their chocolates I would be more than happy to indulge myself.  Teachers will love the ‘Thank You’ gift box with its unique mix of delicate, melt-in-your-mouth chocolates filled with crunchy nougat, tantalising caramel brownie and delicious cookies and creams – all wrapped up in a box which reads “Just wanna say Thank You”.  A simple yet genuine message for your child to show their gratitude to the teacher that has seen them through the academic year.  Combined with a home made card and I'm sure most teachers would be very happy.

Find them in selected Sainsbury's stores from July and nationwide from September.

The complete range includes:

 Hello Bars  (100g) £1.99
Hello Treat Bars (39g) £0.79
Hello Thank You (45g) £2.49
Hello Chocolate Heart (45g) £3.49
    Hello Cube (250g) £6.99
        Hello Praline (100g) £4.49


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