Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Ice 'Grow Your Own' Challenge

Ice is challenging bloggers to take a step towards a greener summer in their Grow Your Own Competition.  Ice runs a customer reward programme partnered with a range of retailers who are doing their best for the environment, making a one-stop shop for customers where points can be earned and redeemed.  One of their partners is The Organic Gardening Catalogue.  Together they promote sustainable living and keeping things organic, encouraging more people to grow their own fruit and veg in the garden.

I have taken up this challenge to grow and use some home grown produce that I have lovingly nurtured with my own green fingers...well that's the plan!

Armed with a selection of seasonal organic seeds supplied by Ice, the plan is to sow them and grow my own salad leafs and vegetables.


Unfortunately I am not blessed with a big, sunny garden.  In fact my outdoor space is rather small, shady and monopolised by my outdoor loving children and their play paraphernalia.  However, that doesn't mean I can't grow my own produce.  Using pots, tubs and troughs, I can plant up a variety of seeds successfully.  This year I have already started on my mission to be greener and save cash by subsidising our diet with homegrown produce.  I have potatoes growing in a tub, rhubarb in a pot and strawberries that have broken free from their planter and taken root in my lawn!

Gardening is an activity that I enjoy doing with the children as it helps them to learn about nature and teaches them about where their food comes from.  As we are a family of vegetarians, I think that growing our own and trying to live more sustainably is something that complements our lifestyle perfectly and sets a great example to my kids - the next generation.




Now all I need to do is wait for my seedlings to grow and reap the rewards of growing my own!  I am looking forward to some freshly picked baby leaf salad very soon!

Find out more about the free to join reward programme for ethical shoppers at


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