Thursday, 7 June 2012

I'm Going To Be A Granny

At last I can publicly announce that my 24 year old son Joe and his lovely girlfriend Jade are going to have their first baby!  It's due at Christmas and will be a wonderful addition to our family.

Ian and I are fully intending to be the coolest grandparents ever. (G-Mama and G-Daddy in da house!? Maybe not eh!)  It is an exciting time for us all and we will welcome the new generation of the family McD with huge amounts of love!  My family is the most important thing in my life and I feel totally blessed!  My girls are thrilled at the prospect of becoming aunties and Freddy will love to have a new playmate/nephew/niece!  Both mine and Ian's parents are delighted at becoming great grandparents.  Both great grandmas' knitting needles will be clicking away making shawls and cardies galore!  With Jade's family equally excited, this baby is going to be thoroughly adored!

baby, scan, grandchild
My New Grandbaby  (12 week scan)

They had their 12 week  scan today and baby McDonald is a healthy little cutie...I think he looks just like his mummy (or should that be she looks like her mummy!!)  Time alone will tell!!  But one things certain, he or she is destined to be born into a world full of love.


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