Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Super Mario 3D Land Game Review

Nintendo, 3DS
Nintendo's iconic character Mario is back in Super Mario 3D Land, a visually stunning and addictive game for the Nintendo 3DS!

The graphics are incredibly well done with attention to every bit of detail, made more impressive by the sharp 3D effect.  The colours are vibrant and the whole vibe of the game is fun from the first moment you turn it on.  There are lots of levels to explore, mini games to play  and bosses to beat.  The Mario music is so familiar and adds an uplifting quality to the gameplay.

Using the circle pad to control Mario, you guide him through the environment.  There are special moves to master to help him through the challenges.  Some moves are brand new to this title, keeping the evolution of the Mario franchise going forward.

Super Mario 3D Land, nintendo

I was glad that the gameplay started relatively easily to ease Kizzy in slowly and allowing her to get to grips with the 3D action in a gentle learning curve.  She quickly mastered the controls and was jumping, running and collecting on her quest to save Peach.

The 3D element of this platform game made judging distances and making jumps more precise.  It improves the flow of the game to not be dropping off edges continually!   There are lots of secrets and surprises along the way adding to the fun.  There is even a Tanooki suit meaning that Mario can take to the air!  Mario can also throw boomerangs to take out enemies along the way!

I'm sure the game will get progressively harder as the levels progress, but I like that Kizzy has been able to make good headway independently without too much frustration.  It is a fun and colourful world that provides pure unadulterated escapism!  As Kizzy gets further into the game she'll be able to unlock extra worlds which add to the games longevity.

This game seems to be another triumph from Nintendo.  It brings us another game with old school character  Mario in the starring role, whilst further exploring the potential of the amazing 3D technology of the 3DS.  It is an eye popping sensation that will please Mario fans young and old. With so much to explore and discover, you can take your time over the levels rather than rush to complete the game, so it's perfect for Kizzy who enjoys a relaxed approach to gaming.

It costs around £29.19 and is definitely a must have for 3DS gamers who enjoy classic Super Mario fun and games!

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