Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Bob The Builder Playsets

Bob The Builder Let's Go To Work Playsets from Character

Bob the Builder is one of the most well known of children's TV characters.  My little boy loves him and sings along to the theme song, watches his Bob DVD and wears his Bob hard hat.  So he was delighted to receive two playsets from the Bob The Builder - Let's Go To Work range: The Building Site and the Supplier's Yard from Character to play with.

character, Bob The Builder

Bob The Builder, Character

The playsets are sturdy plastic bases complete with a figure and accessories, which allows a child to get busy and help with the job in hand.  At the Building Site they can help Bob collect concrete in the wheelbarrow or drill out the tiles with the pneumatic drill.

Bob The Builder, playset

The Suppliers Yard is where Bob can stock up on supplies.  Charlie can load up pallets with planks and other building materials for Bob to collect.  There is an opening pair of doors and a workbench.

Character, Bob the Builder

The playsets attach together with simple interlocking tabs and build up into a bigger playset which can be added to and expanded with additional playsets and vehicles.  However, they do stand alone so you don't need to spend a fortune to have fun!

Bob the Builder, Character

The sets are aimed at children aged 3-5 years old.  There are a lot of accessories, tools and little pieces included, so I think this is definitely for the older pre-schooler.  Freddy is 3 and enjoyed playing with all the movable parts, wheeling the wheelbarrow and piling the planks on the pallets.  The tiled floor is a good feature encouraging dexterity.  It fits together like a puzzle and the pieces can be removed using the end of the drill.  

The attention to detail on the playsets is impressive and there is a lot to explore.  They are the perfect inspiration for some great imaginative role play.  The characters are articulated, but the hands can't actually  grip the tools. Freddy tried in vain to get Bob to hold the shovel!

I judge toys by how much my children enjoy playing with them and Freddy really has had a lot of fun with these two playsets.  I really like how the two sets attach together making a really interesting toy with lots of play value.  You can't go wrong with Bob the Builder!!

Bob The Builder, Character, playsets
Freddy Loves Bob The Builder!


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