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Morphy Richards Innovator Comfi-Grip Iron Review

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I am one of the lucky team of Morphy Richards Innovators who are getting the opportunity to test out products and report back with our honest opinions on what we think about them.

My first product to review is a Comfigrip Steam Iron, Morphy Richard's most powerful steam iron with a huge 200g shot of steam and with unique Diamond TriZone soleplate technology which promises to make short work of even the most stubborn creases and give your clothes the ultimate pressed finish.

Now, to be very honest I am not the most prolific ironer.  Since my eldest son left home, my weekly shirt laundering service has come to an end. Generally speaking, as the kids' and husband's school/work uniforms consist of polo shirts, we hang our clothes to dry them which leaves them quite crease free. However, we still have certain items of clothes that need ironing when we want to wear them without looking scruffy!  So although I don't have to face a pile of ironing week upon week, I do like to have a reliable and efficient iron for keeping our best clothes looking perfect when needed.  My current iron is old, with an annoyingly twisted cable and sticky plates.  So I was pleased to give the Comfigrip a go!

The Comfigrip Iron uses innovative technology for the best glideability and is built to outlast other models.  It is durable and feels good in your hand.  It has a nice weight and good balance to it, with a sensibly positioned cable.  The design of the iron incorporates user friendly features and is not over complicated by unnecessary buttons and knobs.  The water tank is transparent so you can see how much water is in it.  Perfect for someone like myself who is a bit of an iron novice!

Morphy Richards
Great Glideability

The science part of the iron revolves around the Tri-Zone Diamond Soleplate.  It has three dedicated areas to ensure great results.  The Turbo Boost, constant steam and pressing plate work together to relax the fabric, tackle creasing and avoid re-creasing.  The diamonds in the soleplate provide an exceptionally smooth glide.  They say Diamonds are a girl's best friend...maybe this is what they meant!!

Diamond Soleplate
Diamond Tri-Zone Soleplate

The iron has an auto-shut off fail safe mechanism if left unused which is a great safety feature.  It also has an anti-drip system to avoid leaking and an anti-scale feature to keep the iron looking good and lasting for a long time!

The Comfigrip Iron pleasingly also has an  environmentally friendly feature whereby you can save up to 23% of energy without losing any of the performance by switching to the Eco-Steam setting.

Morphy Richards. iron
Stable Base in the Handle

So what did we think of the Morphy Richards Comfigrip Iron?

The first thing I noticed was how quickly the Comfigrip Iron heated up.  Second thing was how smoothly it glided across the clothes and how comfortable it was to use.  It lives up to its name of Comfigrip!  The long lead gives you plenty of room for manoeuvre and its central position makes the iron perfect whether you are left or right handed.  It is quite a large iron, but lightweight. The handle has a very stable base which makes the iron stand up really securely and safely.    The shot of steam that it sprays out is very powerful and the constant steam through the soleplate makes short work of creases.  It makes ironing a shirt very quick and easy...and it's even quicker and easier when my husband does the ironing for me!!

Morphy Richards Comfigrip, iron
So Good Even My Husband Loves Using It!

Discount Code For The Comfigrip Iron 

The great news is, I can offer a promotional code to my readers which will mean you can purchase your very own Comfigrip Steam Iron with Diamond TriZone Soleplate with a fantastic 40% off the RRP of £89.99. You will just need to enter the code below at when you checkout!



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