Wednesday, 6 June 2012

My Fabulous Mini Baker!

Our Day With The Fabulous Bakin' Boys

Today Kizzy and I headed off to Oxford to visit the Fabulous Bakin' Boys factory where she was going to be working on the production of her new Jungle Jumble cupcakes!

On arrival she was kitted out with an apron and chef's hat before entering the test kitchens to knock up a test run of her recipe.  With precise measurements and timings, the recipe was identical to the huge runs that will be produced in the factory, just scaled down!

With Kizzy's choice of colour and flavour intensities, the cakes were exactly how she had imagined them.  The yellow coloured, banana flavoured sponge is topped with white chocolate flavoured with tropical fruits and coloured in a natural mango-orange colouring!  As these cupcake minis were for her own consumption, she got to decorate them with sprinkles, sugar flowers and other fabulous toppings.  She was totally in her element personalising her cupcakes!  She also had a go at making some swirly buttercream topped cakes and I picked up some expert advice from the Bakin' Boy cooks!

After she'd finished baking, we donned protective gear and had a tour of the factory to see some Mixed Berry Minis and Chocolate Flapjack Fingers being made.  Never have I seen so many cakes in one place!!  Thousands of goodies whizzed by in an impressive feat of engineering and manpower!  The manual chocolate spreaders who spread molten chocolate onto huge sheets of flapjack were amazing!

Kizzy had a photoshoot to take the pictures that will appear on the packaging of her cupcake minis.  Bless her, she is a real pro...patient and accommodating!  I was very proud of her.

A tea party in the Not-So-Bored-Room was thoroughly enjoyed with Kizzy eating her own body weight in watermelon, strawberries, grapes...and of course cupcakes!  It was lovely chatting to the team and the love of the company came across loud and clear.  

Having a sneaky peek at the packaging that will be used was really thrilling!  I won't give too much away but the box design is incredibly cute and has a brilliant jungle theme.  Kizzy was delighted with it.  I can't wait to see the finished packaging with her photo on the front on the shelves of Asda, Morrisson's and the Co-Op when they are launched later in the summer!

Another photo shoot with the local press marked the end of Kizzy's day as a Mini Baker.  Laden down with cupcakes, muffins and cakes to share with the rest of the family, Kizzy was quite exhausted but had loved every minute of this experience.

Kizzy and The Team!
I'll keep you posted on details of the launch of Kizzy's cupcakes from the Fabulous Bakin' Boys!

In the meantime, check out the Fabulous Bakin' Boys Facebook Page for competitions, news, chat and fun!


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