Monday, 11 June 2012

Great Garden Moments

I've never been much of a gardener, although this is not from want of trying.  My lack of green fingers is an affliction that has marred my ability to transform my little green patch of earth into a colourful sea of vibrant blooms or provide a kitchen garden bursting with an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Consequently my garden is little more than a square of lawn...dotted with dandelions and daisies.  But it is much loved!

gardening, planting seeds

Our only produce is the tubs of herbs and pots of vegetables planted by me and my children, and a thriving strawberry plant given to me for Mother's Day two years ago.  When new leaves or flowers appear in our graden they are met with wonder as we marvel at nature's ability to bring beauty to the world. We never take our green space for granted.   My garden may not be amazingly landscaped or like an allotment, but it is however a haven to my children who play in it tirelessly.  It is an outdoor space that is full of fun and laughter. This is why it is so precious to me.

leaves, toddlers, nature

Abandoned toys are strewn across the patio.  Scooters, bikes and balls each represent a memory of my children at play.  The sagging springs of our trampoline show the joy of a million bounces. Each  mark on the swingset and slide represent the wear and tear caused by an imaginary adventure involving pirates,castles and monsters.  My patio table and chairs may not be pristine, but their weathered appearance bears testament to the amount of evenings we have sat outside together as a family.  I can almost smell the coals of much enjoyed barbecues and hear the peels of laughter as we have giggled at the antics of one of the children.

The divots in the lawn that become waterlogged in the rain are exciting muddy puddles to be jumped in with welly clad feet.  Spiders' webs and creepy crawlies are the subjects of many a safari expedition.  Pots of mud  have replaced many of my attempts at seed planting.  The over watered compost, stirred with a stick may not be hospitable to seedlings, but in the mind of my kids they are cauldrons of thrilling ingredients ready to weave their magic spells.  Makeshift boats sail in my water butt.  Chalk drawn masterpieces adorn my creosoted fence panels.

gardening, playing, family
My Great Garden Memories

This is why I love my garden.  These are my great garden memories which will endure long after any flower beds would have drooped and died.  My children are the brightest blooms in my garden and my family's laughter is the most perfect harvest we can reap!


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