Friday, 1 June 2012

E-Cloth Green Cleaning Challenge

Time To Come Clean and Go Green!

I am not one of these women who dons a pinny and headscarf and effortlessly floats around the house making everything sparkle and gleam with a smile on my face.  I am instead someone who finds housework a necessary evil! I hate the idea of using gallons of chemicals to keep my home spick and span.  Everytime I pour some harsh cleaner down the loo or down the plughole, I wonder where it is going to end up and what effect it is having on the environment.  I also suffer from psoriasis on my hands which flares up whenever I so much as look at a bottle of bleach!

Last year I discovered e-cloth  and was impressed that I could clean my home using nothing more than the power of water!  99% of germs can be removed without having to use chemical cleaners.  Using my e-cloth to clean up the bathroom sinks and polish the taps has been my contribution to green cleaning.  I feel like I am doing my bit, I'm saving money on cleaning products and it is quick, easy and effective on everyday messes.  However, I've not been brave enough to completely turn my back on the off the shelf products that temptingly promise to turn your greasy kitchens and limescale ridden bathrooms into sparkling clean spaces. 

This year however, my dedication to going green is being tested further with the e-cloth Green Cleaning Challenge.  Can I say good-bye to chemical cleaners for a whole month?  Using a range of e-cloth products along with a host of natural alternatives to chemical cleaners, can I keep my home hygienically clean?  

E-Cloth have sent me everything I need to go clean and green for the next four weeks.  Using some everyday items such as lemon juice, salt, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar, alongside some eco-cleaning products and my e-cloth collection, I'll be testing just how easy it is to go green.

e-cloth, cleaning, housework
Coming Clean and Going Green!

I'll be sharing some hints and tips on how you can clean your home naturally.  I'll also be interested to see how much I could save from my weekly shopping bill by making the switch.  Apparently we spend on average £109 a year on cleaning products.  The initial investment in e-cloth products could soon pay for itself several times over!  So wish me luck as I embark on this challenge!

Take a look at e-cloth's website to see the range of products specific to different household cleaning needs and maybe do your bit in coming clean and going green.


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