Monday, 4 June 2012

Making Union Jack Cushions

A Rainy Day Craft Activity...Sewing A Union Jack Cushion

Unfortunately, yesterday was a rather wet and cold and windy day for the Jubilee celebrations and our street party was cancelled.  So instead of singing God Save the Queen while eating scones and cucumber sandwiches with our neighbours, we were stuck indoors.  But with an Interplay My Style Make Union Jack Cushions set to try out, we could get down to some patriotic crafts instead!

The set includes everything needed to make two hand sewn felt Union Jack Cushions, one large and one small.  The cushion pads come vacuum packed and spring up when removed from the plastic packaging.  You just need your own scissors and you're ready to go.  The pre-cut felt pieces are sewn together according to the instructions using the coloured thread.  The sewing holes are ready punched and line up well.

9 year old Kizzy set off stitching together the pieces and although I had to unravel a few knotted threads she did quite a good job initially.  She did however get a bit confused as to how to assemble all the parts and I have to admit that with my lack of spatial awareness and lack of sewing skills I wasn't much help.  I'm pretty sure we had two of the diagonals sewn on upside down!  Kizzy found it a bit complicated and fiddly as we progressed.

We persevered together, and even though we ended up probably doing some bits our own way, rather than sticking to the instructions, we did end up with a rather nice little button-up cushion at the end of our session.  It isn't perfect...but we were proud!

The Union Jack Cushion Set costs £14.99 and is aimed at ages 8+. 

Kizzy is not a naturally gifted seamstress, but she was quite pleased with the finished pillow.  I'm sure with practice she'll improve and quickly surpass my sewing talents!!  But between us, we had fun and created a Jubilee souvenir that will forever remind us of the day that our street party was rained off!


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