Thursday, 14 June 2012

Bring Out the Cake!

McVitie's Bring out The Cake For Summer

With one Diamond Jubilee under out national belt, a Euro 2012 Championship in full swing and Wimbledon and the Olympics to look forward to, there has never been a better reason to celebrate being British!  And every celebration needs great cake!!

Thanks to McVities it is easy to bring out the cake this summer with their yummy range.  Jamaican Ginger Cake, Hobnob Flapjacks and Jaffa Cake Bars are all big crowd pleasers!  McVities sent us some cakes to try for ourselves...and I never say no to free cake!

Jaffa cakes, hobnobs, ginger cake

I love the nostalgic moments that Jamaican Ginger Cake evokes!  It's been around longer than I have...over 50 years and is a family favourite (especially with custard!)  RRP £1.55

The Hobnob Flapjacks are chewy and crunchy and chocolate topped.  RRP £1.65.

The Jaffa Cake Bars have the same winning formula of zingy orange, sponge cake and bittersweet dark chocolate in bar form. RRP £1.65

My Tiny Tester Freddy could not wait to get stuck into tasting the McVitie's goodies, and he was impressed!  The Hobnob Flapjacks were his favourite with the oaty, biscuity base and real milk chocolate.  As they come individually wrapped they are great for lunchboxes or a snack on the go!

McVities, snacks, cake

We aren't the only ones getting free cake from McVitie's.  This summer, McVitie's are literally giving away cake up and down the country with their Bring Out The Cake campaign.  

They are attending outdoor events and visiting city centres across the UK.  They are also giving away free cake online!  

Keep an eye on their Facebook page at for the return of their Bring Out The Cake app, where fans can download a voucher for free cake!  You can have your cake and eat it....for FREE!! 

 It will be going live again soon so make sure you like their page in readiness of free cake!!  Don't miss out!

McVities, cake, summer


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