Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Cooking Italian With Cosi Com'e Tomatoes

Fresh and Long Life Preserved Tomatoes For Healthy And Contemporary Cooking

Cosi Com'e is a range of top quality small tomatoes, harvested when ripe by hand and preserved in glass jars to keep the perfect smell and taste of the crop all year round.  Grown in sun drenched Italian Piana del Sele, only the best variety of small tomato is cultivated in a natural way focusing on quality and respect for nature.  The delicate preservation method retains the original sweet taste and smell and keeps the antioxidant and vitamin content of the tomato.  Nothing is added because simplicity brings their goal of excellence to the beautifully bottled product.

I was sent a gift box of Cosi Com'e Tomatoes to try out.  They look so different to the usual boring cans of tomatoes that I buy.  The colours are vibrant and they come either whole in water or juice or come as a puree.  The product simply shouts quality and I felt inspired to cook up a contemporary Mediterranean meal just looking at them!  They cook in just 4 minutes making them a quick and easy authentic ingredient in a host of recipes.

Red Datterino tomatoes come whole in water. They are perfect with vegetable and seafood dishes.  They can be eaten cooked or uncooked, skewered with mozzarella and basil or eaten whole as an appetizer.  In juice they are perfect for making pasta sauces with a rich, sweet flavour.  Pureed, it is perfect for making appetizers and sauces.

Yellow Datterino tomatoes come in water or in juice.  They are great with pasta and rice dishes, for canapes or to garnish pizzas.  They can be pureed to make a yellow sauce with carrots or yellow peppers adding colour and sweetness.  The yellow colouring is very vibrant and interesting.

Pizzutello Tomatoes in juice are slightly acidic making them perfect for sauces and main courses, especially spicy dishes where the bold flavour and rich smell hold up well.  When pureed it has an intense and tasty flavour for pizzas, gazpacho and sauces.

I decided to make an Italian dish using the Cosi Com'e tomatoes.  I loved the idea of serving the Red Datterino Tomatoes in Juice with spaghetti for a fresh, healthy, quick and easy, contemporary meal.  The result was a rich and sweet tomato sauce that was simply delicious with whole juicy tomatoes that were sensational, fragrant and tasty!  The addition of salty Feta complemented the meal perfectly.

Datterino Tomato Sauce Recipe.

1 Jar of Datterino Rosso
1 onion chopped
2 cloves of garlic
1 tblspn Olive Oil
1 teaspn dried basil or a handful of fresh basil

Fry the chopped onions until soft, add garlic and fry for 3 more minutes.  
Add herbs and jar of tomatoes.
Cook down for about 8 minutes.
Serve over freshly cooked spaghetti and crumble over some Feta cheese.

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