Friday, 8 June 2012

E-cloth Green Clean Challenge Part 2

The Power of Water and Vinegar For Cleaning

For the last week I've been switching my usual washing and cleaning products for a natural, environmentally friendly approach.  With support from e-cloth, I have discovered that you don't need to spend a fortune on harsh chemical cleaners to do a good job when it comes to housework.  In fact water alone is an excellent cleaner when used in conjunction with an e-cloth product.  There are also plenty of natural plant based cleaners, laundry detergents and washing up liquids available on the market, however using some simple everyday products such as lemon juice, vinegar and Bicarbonate of Soda can produce excellent results for a fraction of the cost.
E-Cloths are specially designed to use the power of water to clean  your home.  This means that you can do away with the harmful chemical cleaners that are damaging to the environment, can effect your skin and be harmful to pets and young children.  The secret lies in the fibres of the cloth that lift dirt and germs away from your surfaces.  I've been using various e-cloth products for my cleaning jobs as part of the E-Cloth Green Cleaning Challenge.

For this week's post I'm focusing on cleaning surfaces using an e-cloth with a vinegar solution.

To enhance your performance for tougher cleaning jobs you can use the disinfecting and deodorising properties of vinegar.  Simply make up a solution of one part vinegar to one part water in an e-cloth spray bottle.  It is safe on most surfaces (not marble though!)

e-cloth, green cleaning
Ready For Green Cleaning

I set about cleaning the kitchen counters, surfaces, paintwork and appliance doors using my vinegar solution and the General Purpose e-cloth.  At first the kids thought it was very funny that I was using vinegar!  Each squirt reminded me of a fish and chip shop, however the smell disappeared as soon as the solution dried and did not linger at all.  Thankfully!

cleaning, green
A Helping Hand

The spray and wipe technique really was simple and yet extremely effective.  It cut through grease, even on the cover of my extractor fan, which is usually a cleaning nightmare.  Freddy is always keen to join in with chores and for once I could let him loose (under supervision) with the spray bottle without worrying about him coming into contact with harmful chemicals.

e-cloth, green cleaning
My Helper Spraying

The front glass door and stainless steel of my oven is not easy to clean.  So I was really interested to see how the e-cloth and the vinegar/water solution would fare up to this challenge.  To say I was amazed is an understatement.  Even the older kids had to agree that this cleaning was working!

green cleaning, e-cloth
So Clean you can See your Face In it

The smear free finish I achieved was so impressive.  You could see Freddy's reflection so clearly!   It also worked brilliantly on windows removing the sticky Freddy sized hand prints.  Ian gave the car windows inside and out a clean with the spray and cloth and said that they cleaned up a treat.

Using the Bathroom e-cloth and the spray vinegar solution, I cleaned the bathroom sinks where there was some light  limescale build-up.  Adding an old toothbrush to my cleaning tools I was able to scrub the bottom of the taps really easily removing any build up of soap scum and lime-scale.  The cloth brought everything up to a good shine.  It is a really effective way to clean the bathroom too.

Vinegar can also be used neat for drains or toilets to deodorize and disinfect.  It is a versatile product...I am definitely impressed by how good it is for cleaning.  If you can get over the initial smell, I'd say it is every bit as effective as anything I've ever used before.

To think that a bottle of economy vinegar costs just 13p from supermarkets, this is an incredibly cheap way of cleaning your kitchen and bathroom really effectively!  I am already committed to doing away with those overpriced trigger bottles of harsh kitchen cleaners in favour of vinegar, water and my e-cloth!


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