Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Kid Icarus Uprising Game Review

Kid Icarus Uprising For The Nintendo 3DS

We are enjoying testing out the Nintendo 3DS, the fabulous hand held 3D entertainment and gaming system.  We were sent some games to test out and 9 year old Kizzy * and daddy Ian have been battling against Medusa and her minions in Kid Icarus Uprising, the stunning 3D game from Nintendo.  (* This game is 12 rated but I've used parental judgment and deemed it appropriate for Kizzy to play on.)

Kid Icarus is a game that has been brought out of retirement and has taken the world of portable gaming by storm.  The main character Pit is an angel, the long forgotten hero from Nintendo's archives who has been resurrected for a fantastic new adventure.

With 'in the air' and 'on the ground' action, this game sees Pit battle the forces of evil.  Medusa is leading her troops in an invasion with the threat of an 'end of world' scenario.  Fierce aerial combat and gripping ground fights give the player two distinct methods of gameplay.  The difficulty levels can be adjusted to accommodate both beginners and experienced players, making it a good choice for a 9 year old and her dad!

The graphics are great with impressive landscapes.  The 3D is eye-popping!  Unfortunately for Ian, being left-handed meant he struggled with the controls. Much of the gameplay is controlled by the stylus.  With the circle pad on the left of the controller, the stylus is held in the right hand.  The game requires precision and swift action, tricky for a leftie!!  He also finds the 3D makes his eyes ache after a while (...old age??!!)  This however can be remedied by using a stand which holds the screen still, stopping your eyes having to constantly adjust to the 3D effect.

One minute you are soaring through beautiful skies, then you are trekking through ancient landscapes and then fighting a monster. Weapons used against the evil forces can be bought, traded (via StreetPass) or collected and different weapons can be fused to create new ones. There is a lot to this game keeping you entertained and engaged with the characters and the storyline.

The game can be played as an exciting solo odyssey, but has multiplayer modes for co-op or competitive action.  You can play online with up to six friends in an intense battle.  Online modes include a Light vs Dark team game or a free for all with every man for themselves.  It comes with AR cards so you can engage in augmented reality battles too.  The technology is just mindblowing!

The game is merciless in its action, full on and fast paced.  Kizzy has bursts of playing with it to get a fix of shoot'em up action and is happy with her slow progress.  She enjoys the characters' conversations!   Ian's progress is hampered by being left handed in a game with such a relentless gameplay at times.

Overall, we are impressed with the visuals that show just how far portable gaming is progressing.  We love the characters and landscapes and the story of Kid Icarus Uprising is engaging with light hearted elements to off set the ferocity of the gameplay.  It may take us some time to get through all the chapters, whereas a hardcore gamer could battle through the hours of play, slaying the bosses and meeting the challenges of land and air combat.  Treasure Hunt panels are revealed for certain achievements giving rewards such as weapons, power and hearts.  The game is robust and well constructed and rewarding.  We will battle on and take Pit all the way!!

Kid Icarus Uprising is available in shops now and includes a stand.  RRP £29.99


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