Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Get Crafty On The Beach

Enjoy Beach Art With Your Children This Summer!

British beaches aren't always sandy paradises where you can bask beneath a blazing sun, but that doesn't mean you can't have loads of fun!

One idea for an activity for the kids is to make a Beach Art Family.

Collect as many different shaped rocks and pebbles, pieces of seaweed and shells as you can find.  Give little ones a bucket and let them help (always under a parent's watchful eye of course!)

Find a surface to create your art on...a flat area of sand is ideal.

Use all of these natural craft products to make your family!  Make yourself or each is amazing how many variations you can come up with using different shapes of pebble!

Pebble eyes, seaweed hair and rock body parts go together to make your likeness in seaside form!

It is free, natural, fun, crafty and creative.

There isn't even any tidying up to do afterwards!

Take photos of your finished art attack to remember it by!

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Our Beach Family


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