Friday, 1 June 2012

Tipping Point

Syria - a Day Of Protest

Today the parent blogging community is coming together to speak use our voices and share our outrage and sadness at the atrocities that are happening in Syria.

As I sit here watching my own children play together, I cannot help but think about the massacre that occurred in Houla last weekend.  Children like my own children were viciously slaughtered in their own homes.  Whole families were violently killed without mercy.  Reading the graphic account of the slayings, I wept.  Tears for those innocent children who watched their parents and siblings murdered in front of them, knowing they were next.  108 men, women and children were massacred that night.

As we watch the news articles and read the coverage of the escalating problems in Syria, I for one can't understand how in the 21st century these things can be allowed to happen.  I don't fully understand the politics behind the conflict.  I don't know how a peaceful resolution could be implemented.

But I know that I cannot ignore the deaths of 49 innocent children.  Just little boys and girls who deserved to be safe and protected against the horrors that befell them and their families.

This is why I am adding my voice to this cause.  I am just one mother.  A mother who wants to tell the world that I am not prepared to turn away and ignore this.  A mother who will not allow these children to be forgotten.  A mother who has shed tears over the slaying of these families.  A mother who fears for the world and fears for humanity.

This is the tipping point.

Sign the Save the Children petition.  Take action to stop the killing.

Read more at the Syria - A Day of Protest page.

Be heard.  Share.  Join in.

Let the world know we will not just stand idly by.  Together we have a voice.  Let's use it.

#Syria   #StopTheKilling   #TippingPoint


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