Thursday, 31 May 2012

Reasons To Be Cheerful Week 22 #R2BC

What's Made Me Smile This Week?

Another week has flown by, bringing with it a whole host of reasons to give cheer!

1:  Half way through Ian's 90 day redundancy notice, there is a ray of light.  Another employee has accepted another job in a different department meaning that Ian's role is now potentially safe!!  HR refuse to commit to putting it in writing, but this is as close to a reprieve as we can hope for.  So fingers crossed we won't be yet another victim of the economic recession.  I hadn't realised just how worried we actually were, as I was trying to put a positive spin on it all.  But the sudden sense of relief in both Ian and myself is palpable!  A huge weight has lifted!

2:  It's the Jubilee weekend and we are looking forward to the two extra days off!   Kizzy went to school in her Jubilee attire today and looked gorgeous.  She is so excited about the Diamond Jubilee and has learnt all sorts of facts about the Queen!   She had a special picnic lunch which included a gingerbread queen!  They released red and blue balloons and the choir was recorded singing The National Anthem for Shropshire Radio.

Kizzy, Next

She is also very proud of her Grandad who marched in the Coronation as a Coldstream Guard back in 1952!  It has made it all very real to her having him as part of the historical event.

Coronation, soldiers, army, Jubilee

She showed this photograph to her class, Grandad is in the very middle of the front row looking very smart in his uniform!

3:  Ella is just four exams away from finishing her GCSEs and Megan is one exam away from graduating from University.  It is a difficult time in the year, but both of my grown-up girls have coped really well and will soon be able to relax and enjoy the summer.  It will be lovely to spend some extra time with them, I love their company.

I couldn't be more proud of Ella who has had such a tough year.  She has now officially left school (and has a signed shirt to prove it) and will be starting a new college in September.

Ella, leaving school

Megan has a lot of exciting opportunities coming up...not exactly sure what they will be, but she has a few ideas and knowing my daughter she'll be embracing them with open arms!  She has also relaunched her blog Not Met Megan with the tagline:

"Looking forward to meeting all those new people who have Not Met Megan yet."

So do drop by and say hello and make her day :)

megan, graduation, blog

4:  My last reason to be cheerful is that it is half term next week.  I love it when the kids are off school.  No early mornings, no school runs and permanent sisterly entertainment on hand for Freddy!  I cannot believe we are this far through the school year already.  I really must try and find a nursery for Fred in September!!

That's me for this week...check out other reasons to be cheerful and link up at Mummy With A Heart!

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