Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Quinny Yezz...Our First Thoughts

I must admit that I was not convinced by the idea of the Quinny Yezz prior to receiving it.  I had visions of a flimsy buggy that was all gimmick and no substance.  How wrong I was!  I should have had more faith in Quinny's vision of an urban pushchair that promises to turn the city into a playground.  Its simplicity is genius!  From the fabric seat unit to the glass fibre frame to the skate style wheels, every component works towards creating an ultra light weight, efficient, extremely manoeuvrable and fun mode of toddler transport.

The choice of colours is impressive, and my Road Grey selection did not disappoint me.  It is very smart, utilitarian and stylish, but if you like your pushchair to reflect a sunnier disposition how about Yellow Move or Pink Hybrid?

Putting the Yezz together was very simple.  The three wheeled frame went up easily and the all in one fabric seat unit attached using plasticised rope rings.  It was very straightforward to do, but required a bit of strength.  Once done the Yezz feels really sturdy and well made.

The Yezz is a good size.  The handles are great for myself at 5' 11", no stooping required for once!  The seat unit is wide, comfortable and spacious.  It does not recline, but the give in the fabric seems to provide a cocooned support which Freddy really enjoyed.

The buggy has no basket underneath but there is a good sized pocket on the seat back that would fit a purse, mobile phone, keys, a drink and snack.  And a wide handled bag could be put over the handle unit if necessary.

The Yezz is unbelievably manoeuvrable.  It can be spun through 360 degrees in the tightest of spaces.  Yet it still feels very stable and sturdy.  My husband has enjoyed testing out its capability and is very impressed with this aspect of the Yezz.  He thought the design was excellent from a practical point of view.  Even with Freddy's weight in it, the buggy moves smoothly with the lightest of steering.  The braking system is foot operated, press the brake on one wheel to lock the wheels, the other releases the brake.  Simple and efficient.

This is the lightest buggy I have ever had.  It is just 5kg in weight, yet the stability is not compromised.  An integral shoulder strap means that the folded pushchair can be slung over a shoulder and carried with ease.  Perfect for anyone using public transport.  Also, it is great if you need to carry your baby in the buggy up and down stairs on your travels.

So far, I haven't tested the Yezz outdoors.  I am hoping that the Yezz will be my "days out" buggy.  I can see it being great for theme parks and attractions.  Freddy walks a lot nowadays but when he gets tired enjoys being pushed around and generally takes a nap!  I think having such a light buggy will prove invaluable.  It'll also be great for shopping centres where you have to negotiate tight spaces and stairs.  Carrying the Yezz + Fred is a breeze!  The only problem is that there is nowhere to hang bags or put shopping.  My husband will once again become my shopping pack horse!!  The Yezz will take up minimal boot space, which is a positive when hitting the shops.

It doesn't come with a raincover as standard, but the hood is a good size.

Priced at £175 this is a unique, stylish answer to any city mum's baby transport problems.  It is a solution for anyone looking for an ultra-light, ultra stylish pushchair.  It is suitable for babies aged 6 months and over.  Freddy is at the top end of the weight limit and I've been impressed that he has so much space and comfort when he is in the buggy.

So far, so good for the Yezz!


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