Saturday, 21 January 2012

Pilgrim's Choice The Choosiest Cheese

Shopping for your favourite Cheddar has just been made a whole lot easier thanks to Pilgrim's Choice.  In response to customer feedback, the helpful folk at the "choosiest cheese company" have revamped their look and range for 2012!

The Pilgrim's Choice Range
The new eye catching, user friendly packaging carries helpful descriptions to guide your cheese selection.  So whether you like your Cheddar crumbly or smooth or rich or punchy, you'll be able to pick the right cheese to suit your tastes.

Each pack also includes cheese-tastic recipes, serving tips and suggestions for flavour combinations.  So whether you are after simple sarnies or cheese based masterpieces, there are loads of ideas on the packs.  This will give you culinary inspiration and give you plenty of cheesey knowledge to impress your friends!

Serving Suggestions
With the brand new award winning Lighter Extra Mature Cheddar which accompanies the Lighter Mature Cheddar in the range, even those of us who are watching our diets can continue to enjoy a quality cheese which contains 30% less fat without compromising on taste.  I've tried the Lighter Extra Mature Cheddar Cheese and I can confirm that it is really delicious.  It is really strong and tasty...perfect for cheese on toast!

I love the definitions on the packs which really helps with appreciating the cheese and understanding the qualities.  My children prefer the rich, smooth flavour of the Mature Cheddar, while my husband favours the tangy, crumbly Vintage Cheddar.  It is really useful to know what you are getting when you buy your cheese.  The information on the packs gives lots of good ideas for meals, snacks or ways to use your cheese.  How about grating over salted popcorn? Or serving in a Ploughman's with a drizzle of runny honey?

Each pack is embossed with the "Choosiest Cheese Company" crest - a celebration that Pilgrim's Choice cheese experts hand select only the finest cheese from the best farms and creameries!

2012 promises to be an exciting year for Pilgrim's Choice with a high profile TV ad campaign due to be launched soon.  Join in with the fun at the Pilgrim's Choice Cheese Facebook Page or find out more at

Keep an eye out for the new distinctive packaging in a supermarket near you, and pick up a pack of your favourite Pilgrim's Choice Cheese.  It is the perfect cheese for anyone who appreciates quality, flavour and heritage, but also appreciates good value!


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