Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Keeping Coloured Hair Looking Good with Regis Designline

Back before Christmas I was treated to a fabulous hair cut and colour by the lovely team at Regis.  It was such a delight being pampered by style director Sarah who was so knowledgeable and passionate about her job.

During my time in the chair we chatted about what products I used on my hair.  I was a bit embarrassed to confess I just used whatever was on special offer when I went shopping.  She explained to me that this was not a good idea as many of the shampoos and conditioners that we pick up from the supermarket shelves are really not very good for our hair at all.  They contain chemicals to coat our hair which initially makes it feel smooth and knot free, but ultimately damages it making it look dull and lifeless.  If you spend a lot of money on getting your hair cut and coloured then it is in your interest to look after it and keep it as healthy as possible for as long as possible.
Washing With Regis Products.
Regis have a range of hair products specially designed to meet all of your haircare needs.  Designline shampoos and conditioners are uniquely formulated to bring out the best in every hair type and texture whilst the styling and finishing products give you the tools you need to create salon inspired looks and styles.

I was sent a selection of Designline products from the range to try out.  They are available exclusively at Regis Salons nationwide.

Designline by Regis
The shampoo from the Designline range for Colour Care helps protect colour from washout by fifty percent.  It refreshes colour-treated hair while improving shine, health and body.  The conditioner helps restore chemically compromised hair adding softness and vibrant shine which can be lost during the colouring process.

Colour Care
The shampoo and conditioner smell really nice and are really lovely to use.  A little goes quite a long way which is a consideration when using more expensive, premium products.  I don't know for sure whether my colour has lasted better, but my hair feels healthy and is shiny.

The Powder Boost Volumizer is a great product.You gently tap over the roots and massage in to give instant matte volume and texture to the hair.  This is great for days between washing (common when you are a busy mum to a toddler!)

The Fiji Therapy Styling Oil is a very rich treatment, which when applied sparingly to wet hair, hydrates, heals and protects it.  It also gives a shiny finish.  This product is not one that I'll use, as it has been adopted by my husband who loves oil treatments on his hair ever since having one at a Health Spa a few years back!!

So, if you spend a lot of money on cuts and colours at the salon, it is worth investing in good quality products to help maintain the health and appearance of your crowning glory.  Pop into your local Regis Salon to see the products on offer.


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