Friday, 20 January 2012

Everything's Rosie

Everything's Rosie is one of the biggest hits on CBeebies attracting over 5 million viewers per episode!  On February 6th a DVD is being released called "Everything's Rosie...Greatest Show in the Garden and Other Stories" which contains 13 fun packed episodes.

Rosie lives with her best friend Raggles in a magnificnt playhouse overlooking the park.  She has lots of friends including Big Bear, Blue Bird, Holly, Will and Oakley, and together they embark on journeys of fun and discovery while learning important life lessons and values along the way.  The overall feel good message of the show is that EVERYTHING'S ROSIE with a little help from your friends!!

The animation is lovely with appealing characters that pre-schoolers will love.  The diverse group of friends helps little ones appreciate differences in people.  They learn to understand the importance of friendship and realise that it is OK to ask for help.  Rosie doesn't know all the answers but she is keen to explore the world that she lives in.

Everything's Rosie
Like most CBeebies offering, Everything's Rosie does not disappoint.  It is perfectly pitched to its audience and little ones love sharing the adventures with Rosie and her pals.  The theme tune is really sweet and catchy.  Freddy enjoys watching it and the DVD will be a great investment in keeping pre-schoolers entertained and engaged.

Our favourite episode is Raggles the Reporter: Raggles wants to start his own newsletter and so becomes a reporter... But he is stuck for exciting stories… hungry for some big scoops, Raggles decides to make some up – which proves to be very upsetting for everyone. Raggles soon discovers that it’s the little stories that count! When he finally reports on the real goings on of everyone’s day, it turns out he had all the exciting news he wanted all along!   It would be nice if the British tabloid press could take a leaf out of Raggles's book!

We love the old character of Oakley who is an ancient Oak tree that watches over the park.  He tells stories of his youth, sings songs that the wind taught him and gives them bouncy rides on his branches.  It is lovely to see a character who is so old and well respected in a children's TV show.

For more information on Everything's Rosie check out the website where children can enjoy activities and clips.  You can pre-order the DVD from Amazon for £7.49.

*No compensation was received for this post, but Fred got a sneak peek at the DVD.*


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