Friday 20 January 2012

The Land of Sometimes...a Magical, Musical Adventure

Get ready to be taken on a magical journey with twins Alfie and Elise as they travel to ‘The Land Of Sometimes’, where four seasons pass within one day. As they travel through Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and as the story unfolds, you will be introduced to a collection of deliciously eccentric characters and their original songs.

From the River Slouch Sling who just wants to make friends, to Little Twink, a mischievous little fairy; and Mrs Blip who likes to make you slip to the Chameleon Catcher and the Willow Tree Choir Boy to name but a few.  Each character has its own unique personality and is brought to life beautifully through the power of song.

Catchy, melodic, sometimes hilarious, each song is different from the last. Irish folk to New Orleans jazz, reggae to disco, poetry to simple beauty, these songs have a universal appeal and are an introduction
to the eternal power of music and storytelling.

The Land of Sometimes is an audio story book which will be released on CD on February 6th 2012 and can be enjoyed and discovered by the whole family. Totally unique in its approach and delivery, the story
and the characters come to life through the original music and the power of your imagination. A fantastic way for parents and grandparents to bond with their children and grandchildren, and the beautifully illustrated booklet that accompanies the CD is something that children can pore over and follow as the story unfolds.
In addition to the CD is a magical website which has pictures of  all the characters, downloadable activities and a map to bring the story further to life.  You can purchase the CD directly from the site too.

Freddy is two and a half and sat with his daddy listening to the story and giggling at the songs.  He loved Little Twink the fairy and her disco theme tune!  The songs are so catchy and little ones will soon be singing along.  He also loved the beautifully illustrated booklet that contained the CD, matching the characters to their songs. The characters of Alfie and Elise are really appealing and children can instantly connect with them and embark on a magical adventure in their imaginations.

The Land of Sometimes will be a magical edition to any home, providing a wonderful storytelling experience to families.  Perfect for bed times or on car journeys, it really is enthralling and entrancing.

Pre-order the Land of Sometimes at Amazon for £9.90.
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