Friday, 27 January 2012

Detoxification with Higher Nature

If this is the year that you have promised yourself that you will strive to get fitter and healthier, then you may be interested in Higher Nature.  Higher Nature, supplier of vitamins and organic foods, has a great range of supplements and natural beauty products that can help give our bodies a much needed boost.

I was sent a jar of fragrance-free Alka-Bathe detoxifying mineral bath salts to try out.  Alka-Bathe provides alkalising minerals (Potassium, Sodium bicarbonate and Silicon dioxide) for a complete detox. Cleansing and detoxifying the skin by drawing out acid waste products, it is also relaxing and soothing - comparable to a hot spring spa. Only two tablespoons are needed per bath.  The 650g clip-top Kilner jar looks great in the bathroom and comes with a wooden scoop which hangs from the clip. 

I love the design of the jar and the scoop.  It looks really lovely and would make a perfect gift. The promise of a spa treatment in your own home is very appealing.

Suggested Usage:

Sprinkle approximately two tablespoons of Alka-Bathe under the taps as you fill the bath. Re-cap immediately. Soak for at least 15 minutes, gently rubbing your body with a washcloth or loofah to facilitate the cleansing action. Preferably, do not wash your hair when using Alka-Bathe. After bathing, dry off and rest for 5-10 minutes. 

I've had a very stressful few weeks so a detoxifying bath was just what the doctor ordered.  As it is fragrance free, lighting a few scented candles helped engage all the senses for a relaxing experience.  Soaking for 15 minutes gives you a chance to forget all your worries and to get away from it all.  

The bath salts dissolve very well in the water.  The bath water didn't feel any different (sometimes bath products make you feel a bit 'slimy'), which I imagine is because these salts are very pure and natural.  As there were no bubbles or fragrance, it was a very different bathing experience. But if you just imagine that you are bathing in a hot spring spa and let the salts do their work, it is most enjoyable.  

Bathing in alkaline mineral salts promises to alkalize your body, drawing out impurities and toxins and promote healing.  It is also meant to be really good after strenuous exercise to relax and soothe muscles.  For a full detox you can use the salts in conjunction with Alka-Clear capsules or powders also available from Higher Nature.

The Alka-Bathe is vegan and not tested on animals and has a hypo-allergenic formula.

The 650g glass jar with scoop costs £20.95.   (A 450g pack is available for £14.20 but it doesn't come in the glass jar.)


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