Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Revamping My Ensuite with Mira

We've lived in our new build house now for six years and my once shiny ensuite shower unit was looking rather tired after coping with the demands of keeping the whole family clean.  The ceiling was spotted with mould, the shower head was getting bunged up with limescale and the shower slide bar was broken.  Definitely time for a makeover!

So with a new year dawning, we started Project Ensuite.  Thankfully for us, Mira offered us a 360i Four Spray Shower Head to try out and get the ball rolling.  The 360 has flipstream technology giving four unique spray experiences:

  • Rain for a fully drenching spray.
  • Burst for a sheet of massaging water.
  • Cloud for a soft, soothing soaking
  • Storm for a breathtaking down pour

With the Shower Head as our starting point we headed to B & Q to buy a Mira shower hose, shower slide bar and some Dulux Anti-Fungus Bathroom paint for the ceiling.  Unfortunately the budget didn't extend to getting new mixer taps, so we just kept our old one in situ and gave it a good de-scaling!

Ready for Action!
The mould on the ceiling was treated with a bleach solution to clean it off and allowed to dry.  Loose paint was scraped away and edging that had come away was restuck.  After the surface was prepared, a coat of the paint was applied.  It instantly gave the bathroom a face lift.  I wondered why we hadn't done it years ago!  It was a vast improvement on the thinned down emulsion applied by George Wimpey.  Ian cleaned the grout and replaced the silicon sealant making the stall look as good as new again.  

The shower kit was easy to fit.  The rail bolted in to the universal fixtures in the unit.  The hose and the shower head fitted easily together and into the mixer taps.  It really was as simple as that to revamp our shower unit.  No plumbing skills or special tools were needed to completely modernise our shower.

Mira 360.
The Mira 360 Shower Head really is revolutionary.  The head turns easily through 360 degrees with four different sprays which can be accessed instantly.  Each one is very different and gives a unique experience, much like the showers you find at spas!  You simply flip the head through 90 degrees allowing the water to flow through a different set of holes or aperture.  It is very clever and allows you to change the mood of your shower experience in an instant.

The shower head looks good and is modern and striking.  A real statement in your bathroom.  My girls all love the new shower.  The different sprays are useful for different purposes.  Burst is great for rinsing shampoo from hair.  Storm is wild and re-invigorating!

It really was very easy to make our old, tired shower room look new and exciting again.  I'd recommend taking a look at Mira's Showerheads for an instant revamp.  The Mira 360 is priced at £69.90.  Other accessories are available such as the 1.25m hose which has an RRP of £30 and the Slide Bar at £48.

DIY Project 1 has been a, what to revamp next!!


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