Wednesday, 25 January 2012

McCain Ready Baked Jackets

There’s nothing quite like the smell and taste of a slow oven-baked jacket potato, but the downside is waiting ages for it to cook. The rush of family life means we sometimes need meals to be ready in minutes, so getting dinner on the table quickly takes priority.  Unless we have planned our meal well in advance, oven cooked jackets are off the menu!  

Microwaves have made it easier to cook a single spud, but the flavour and texture is lost.  Cooking enough jackets for a big family is impossible in a microwave and often ends in a microwave /conventional oven juggling act.  The average time people take to cook their jacket spuds, using oven, microwave or both, is 40 minutes!  That's a long time to wait for your dinner if you are in a hurry to feed the family. 

Now the wait is over with new McCain Ready Baked Jackets. Ready in just five minutes, they will make a delicious slow-baked taste and smell possible in a flash.

There has always been a constant compromise between oven baked taste and wanting to speed up the process, which is where McCain Ready Baked Jacket Potatoes win!  In just 5 minutes  you can be enjoying a fluffy, comforting and delicious baked spud that tastes as good as one you have slow baked from scratch. You get the smell, the taste and the fluffiness in a fraction of the time.

McCain have taken the best British potatoes, they cross cut the top and drizzle them in Sunflower Oil before slow baking them in the oven.  All you need to do is pop them in a microwave for 5 minutes which is enough time to prepare a topping and voilĂ have a healthy, satisfying meal in a jiffy! 

McCain have come up with some serving suggestions for enjoying your Baked Potato.  How about cooking as per instructions, then scooping out the flesh and combining it with 50g of soft cheese, 50g of grated cheese and chopped spring onions.  Refill the skins then grill until golden brown.  Delicious!  You can experiment by using different cheese...Cheddar, Blue Cheese or even Parmesan. (meat eaters can add chopped ham...and veggies could add chopped Quorn for a tasty twist).  My kids enjoyed them with baked beans and grated cheese...quick, easy and very yummy!

Cheese Stuffed Jackets
The McCain Ready Baked Jacket Potatoes have an RRP of £1.29 for 2 and £1.99 for 4.  They are a great freezer standby allowing you to knock up a quick, healthy meal in minutes...perfect for those busy times!

*No compensation was received but we did have some spuds for lunch.*


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