Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Real Cupcake Company

There is nothing in this world as delicious as a freshly baked cupcake topped with lashings of frosting.  Little bakeries and tea rooms have sprung up across the country on the back of the rising popularity of the cupcake, and they are being sold at a premium!  Imagine being able to make your own quality, gourmet cupcakes in your own home for a fraction of the cost!  Well...imagine no more.  The Real Cupcake Company have created a range of dairy free gourmet cupcake kits using real fruit and no artificial ingredients, colourings or flavourings!  Designed with the home baking experience in mind, you just need to add egg.  It is quick and easy to make a dozen gorgeous cupcakes.  I was sent a Strawberry Kit to try out for myself.

The kit arrives by post and needs to be refrigerated until you use it.  Inside is everything you need (except for two eggs) including a ready-to-bake plain cake mixture, ready-to-pipe real fruit icing mix, decorations, 12 cupcake cases, two piping bags, piping nozzles and instructions.

The contents of the cupcake kit.
You add two eggs to the cake mixture which then simply needs to be whisked for 30 seconds on slow then for 60 seconds on high.

Whisk with 2 eggs.
The mixture is then divided into the 12 cupcake cases and then popped into the pre-heated oven at GM4 for 12-15 minutes.  Simple!  Once they are cooked and cold, you are ready to ice them.  The piping bags and nozzles can be used to create a swirl or rose frosting effect with the ready-to-pipe strawberry icing.  To be honest, my skills were not quite up to the illustrations in the instruction book, but once the decorations are on it doesn't really matter!

The Real Cupcake Company
Strawberry Cupcake
The cupcakes were indeed gorgeous, with light, bouncy, airy sponge topped with soft, sweet icing bursting with real strawberry flavour.  They are deliciously fruity and it is so nice to taste real fruit in the icing rather than synthetic flavourings.  It is a touch of culinary genius!!

The Real Cupcake Company stock kits in Lemon, Orange and Strawberry  flavours, each made with real fruit.  Perfect for parties, they will really impress your guests.  For a more decadent treat, there are Strawberry & Champagne and Blueberry & Bourbon cupcake kits available.  They make 12 devilishly delicious cupcakes, made with premium wines or spirits, perfect for grown-ups.  What a great idea for Valentine's Day!!

Prices start at £9.99 with free postage.


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