Wednesday, 4 January 2012

I Totally Fell For It!

2012 almost started with a visit to A & E last night.  Usually it is one of the kids who does something daft causing enough concern to contemplate a casualty trip.  But this was me!

I was on the phone to my eldest son who wanted to speak to his dad who was upstairs redecorating my ensuite bathroom.  So, instead of my usual trick of bellowing like an old fishwife for Ian to come downstairs, I decided to take the phone up to him.  Whilst continuing to chat to Joe, I did what I do 100 times a day, and stepped over the stair gate that leads into the hall.  Unfortunately for me, the gate hadn't been shut properly and as leg number two swung over, the gate opened, tripped me up and catapulted me from vertical to horizontal in a split second.

Smacking down onto laminate floor isn't fun.  My left knee, right big toe and right wrist took the full impact, slapping down onto the unyielding floor, with me ending up in a unceremonious heap in my hallway.  In my usual melodramatic manner I began shouting for help!!  One by one, the kids came down the stairs took one look at their mother lying splayed on the floor, and burst out laughing.  I'm surprised none of them grabbed their cameras.  So much for sympathy! I can't blame them really, because in times of trouble I turn to the sight of me rolling around, flailing my limbs and shouting "I am broken," is probably pretty funny.

Megan got onto NHS Direct online and questioned me about my symptoms including questions such as "Are you conscious?" and "Is there a bone protuding through your skin?"  Think we'd have noticed either of those, but you can't be too careful!  Kizzy fussed around with cushions and Slankets to provide comfort...bless her! Freddy tried kissing it better!  Ella sat with me (giggling!)  Ian, who was up to his neck in paint, didn't even come down to rescue his wife, thinking we were just messing about and not serious.  So when he did finally make it downstairs was actually a bit shocked and a little guilt ridden to see my wrist.  A big blue lump was sticking out from the inside edge, just below my palm.  I had adopted the claw pose, unable to move my fingers and had apparently gone a funny colour.

Ian is very much a "quick get to hospital now!" type, whereas I'm an "I'm fine!" type.  We reached a compromise.  I told him that if I'd broken anything it'd still be broken in the morning and we can re-assess things then.  The idea of hospitals really doesn't do it for me.  Waiting around for hours in a waiting room full of ill people is only worth doing if absolutely necessary.  My lumpy, painful wrist and immobile fingers did not constitute necessity!  I nursed my poorly arm (but refused the offer of putting frozen peas on it because I only had Bird's Eye Petit Pois and they are way too expensive to waste!)  It hurt a lot, with shooting pains jabbing up to my shoulder whenever I moved it.  All I could think of was that this was my right writing hand, my toothbrush holding hand, my bum wiping hand, MY MOUSE CONTROLLING AND TYPING HAND!!!  Noooo!!!

I gave up and went to bed, by now feeling the effects of my stunt work in my hips, shoulders, back and neck. Oh the joys of getting older...I'm not as limber as I used to be....I felt positively brittle!!  Thankfully, clearly sensing his Mummy's limitations, Freddy did not climb all over me all night long.  In fact he slept better than he has done for months.  So I rested my arm that had now settled into a deep, burning ache.

This morning, my wrist feels a lot better.  It didn't go black or drop off overnight, which I take as a positive sign!  I can wriggle my fingers again and as long as I don't twist it or pick up anything heavy, it's OK.  So my self-diagnosis is that there are no breaks.  Ian is still unconvinced as it does look a bit misshapen although the blue lump is now less pronounced.  But as long as I can do my one fingered typing and use my mouse then life really will go on as per normal!

I hope not to have too many repeat performances of my tumbling.  Or if I do I'll have to adopt a tuck and roll technique to the landing, rather than the rather unsympathetic drop and slap.  I'm still in one piece albeit a little jarred, battered and bruised so for now, all is well!  No extreme sports will be featuring in my 2012 Bucket List though!!


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