Saturday, 14 January 2012

Quinny Yezz Review

Ian, Freddy and I took the Yezz for a test drive to Telford Shopping Centre for a mooch around the sales.  It is the ultimate urban pushchair making the city your playground, so we were interested to see how it coped with a shopping trip.
Takes up hardly any boot space!
Easy to push
  • Incredibly light weight but extremely sturdy
  • So easy to steer even with one hand.  It feels almost weightless even with a toddler onboard!
  • Comfy for your toddler
  • Tight turning circle allowing extreme smooth manoeuvrability
  • Easy to fold and carry over your shoulder with the strap leaving two hands free
  • Takes up minimum boot space or storage space
  • Handy pocket for storing a few essentials
  • Good braking pedal turns brake on, one turns it off
  • Perfect for negotiating crowded shops
  • Really funky design that Ian was happy to push.  In Road Grey with the skate style wheels and climbing rope attachments it made a great, sporty pushchair that appeals to men too
  • Free standing when folded
Light enough to steer with just one finger!!!
  • Tips up easily when not counterbalanced by having baby in it if you hang a large handled bag right over the handles (I did try to see if it would work!)
  • No suspension, skate wheels and low centre of gravity makes you feel every bump in the road (although Fred enjoyed this and giggled!)
  • Nowhere to hang bags on handles
  • No storage underneath for shopping
  • Not suitable for rough terrain
  • Does not recline
With nowhere to put the bags, it's good that it is so light to push and steer.
So, depending on your needs, the Yezz will either be the perfect choice or not suitable at all.  

For pushing around a shopping centre, dodging obstacles and people, going up and down the aisles and carrying up and downstairs this buggy is second to none.  It literally is so light to steer and feels virtually weightless as you push it along, even if it is with just one hand.  However as there is nowhere to hang or store bags, you need to be prepared to carry them...or get someone else to carry them for you!

The pros of this buggy would work perfectly for an airport, railway station or port.  It is ideal for holidaying with a toddler.  It is so light and folds so small it would be a real asset when travelling with a little one.  The easy fold up and down method is very quick, and because of it being so lightweight and having the shoulder carry strap, it is easy to manage with a tot in tow!

Smooth Ride
If you do your majority of walking in the great outdoors this is not the buggy for you.  The Quinny Speedi is the better choice for heavy use.  However, for urban use, shopping centres, smooth pavements, public transport etc. the Yezz will prove a Godsend.  


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