Monday, 8 July 2013

A Superhero Birthday Party

Freddy is four years old tomorrow.  My baby boy is growing up fast!  To celebrate, we had a family party yesterday with a Superhero theme. Superheroes are one of Freddy's favourite things and he can regularly be seen wearing his Superman cape and zapping baddies with his powers. We were blessed with glorious sunshine that made a most welcome appearance and Andy Murray was kind enough to add to our entertainment by winning Wimbledon, but my own little superhero Freddy was the star of the show!

We had a lovely day with a veggie barbecue cooked up by Superdad Ian, served with an assortment of salads and plenty of cakes including my Captain America birthday cake.  I had been torturing myself by looking at the most amazing birthday cakes on Pinterest featuring the Avengers, but I put my feelings of inadequacy aside and designed something that was within my capabilities.  I created a three tiered cake with red, yellow and blue layers and decorated it using frosting and ready made coloured sugar paste. Seeing Freddy's face as he saw his cake (finished off with an impressive giant sparkler) made all my hard work worthwhile!


Ian and his sister made a pinata using a lidded box which had been filled with goodies, taped up,  then decorated using tissue paper and some printed Superman logos.  It was a big "hit"!!  Freddy and his cousin Addy took turns in beating it with sticks until they managed to get to the sweets inside.


We had photo booth props that were a lot of fun and provided a lot of photo opportunities!


The little ones had loads of fun and particularly loved all the bubble making toys that we had. Freddy received a giant bubble making set from his Auntie Paula and the kids made some huge bubbles!  They also made their own superhero eye masks and tested out their super skills bouncing on the trampoline.



We really had a great day which Freddy absolutely loved.  We rounded off the day with a 3D viewing of Wreck It Ralph which was a present from his Nanny Margaret and he played with his new garage and cars that he received from his Auntie Debbie and his Nanny and Grandad from the Isle of Man.


Freddy had a superb day and the Superhero theme worked really well.  It was fun to make bowls of Kryponite (lime jelly), Superhero Swords (grape kebabs), Power Up Pills (M & M's) and jugs of Superhero Juice.  I decorated the gazebo with balloons, an inflatable bat, an Iron Man mask (Freddy's present from Ella's friend Jake) and other themed accessories to make our own Superhero Hide Out.  We did some pavement art on the patio to make some Super Freddy symbols and strung bunting on the fence.

I may not be able to make the world's most amazing seven tier avengers cake...but I know how to throw my little lad a party that he absolutely loved!!!


  1. Jill Stan Jones8 July 2013 at 13:08

    The party was a great success and I loved being with my wonderful family - the children had a brilliant time and Freddy adored having fun with his cousin Addie and he obviously loved his Superhero birthday party. The food was great and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. My compliments to Ian for cooking the barbecue food and to Wendy for making such a brilliant birthday cake, not to mention the smaller cakes that looked amazing. xxx

  2. Looks like Freddy had an amazing birthday party!
    Your photo booth props look similar to the ones I got from Ebay & I think I spotted the superhero ones when I was looking.
    Happy Birthday Freddy...eek your baby is 4!



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