Friday, 22 March 2013

Things Are On The Up

We have had a testing few weeks.  Firstly, Ian's operation, which was pretty brutal and left him in quite a state for the first week of his recovery, was much worse than I imagined it would be.  But possibly worse than his state of being exhausted, battered and bruised was the fact that he had to wear surgical support stockings and see-through net pants.  This post-op fashion statement made him look like an extra in a weirdly cast extra-fetish version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  I tried to be a sympathetic nurse but as I tended to his stitches all I could do was sing "I'm a Sweet Transvestite from Transexual Transylvania" over and over in my mind.  Dealing with a doddery husband with a bag strapped to his leg has been quite interesting and given me insight into what our future together might look like.  It isn't the prettiest of futures but if it involves both me and Ian still together and still in love, then I can deal with anything!

Just as Ian began to regain a bit of his mobility and become a bit more human, it was Freddy's turn to take on the role as poorliest person in the house.  He had a bad day at nursery on Monday so we decided to cheer him up and give Ian his first jaunt out of the house by taking him for lunch.  Not our best idea.  Within minutes he had gone pale and fell prey to a very virulent tummy bug. This bug lasted until Thursday.  Ian has always been the resident expert of clearing up spilled bodily fluids as I have a very weak stomach.  Bless my poor husband as he attempted to clear up poor Fred's stomach contents, accompanied by a chorus of me gagging and wretching.  I am officially useless!  Up until this turn of events I was totally in control of the housework.  But suddenly having five loads of washing a day and no tumble dryer put pay to my organisation and the house descended into chaos.  Poor Freddy took until the weekend before he started eating again.  Poor little mite was so weak and thin by the end of it all.  But suddenly he asked for porridge.  Porridge topped with golden syrup.  Three bowlfuls later, my little boy started back on the road to full recovery.  everything else was forgotten as I watched him tuck in with gusto.

Feeling better and hugging Kizzy x

This week, things have been so much better.  Freddy is back at nursery and seems much happier.  Ian is no longer hobbled over, bent double like an old man, shuffling around the house.  He is almost back to normal except for the catheter and 4" long scar.  He has an appointment next week to check his grafts and remove the catheter and we hope everything will then be over and Ian's health will be fully restored.

 My son Joe and his girlfriend Jade have visited with Ted who delighted us all with his sunny smiles and happy demeanour.  Being a grandparent is quite simply an honour!  They have had some good news involving a tax rebate which is going to improve their financial situation significantly.  I'm so pleased for them. Life is so hard as a young couple with a new baby who are trying to work and support themselves.  They get no help from the government and really struggle to pay full rent and council tax.  This windfall couldn't have come at a better time.

Smiling at Grandad x

My eldest daughter Megan has had a fabulous holiday in Budapest with her boyfriend (whom we thoroughly approve of and think is very lovely) and returned to some very good news that she had been offered a job at a Digital Marketing Agency.  She had applied for it the week before without being qualified, was offered an interview where she was very honest about not having the experience but showed her commitment to learn and the CEO took a risk on her based on that. They are going to train her and put her through exams. So her career will shortly be taking a brand new direction leading her to places that she really wants to go.  Exciting times indeed for my go-getting girl.

Ella had a great trip to Berlin with college to practice her German (and in a stroke of good fortune avoid the sickness bug completely). Although it was very cold and snowy, she returned home fit and healthy and buzzing from her incredible adventure.

Ella at The Berlin Wall
Last night she performed in an Awards Ceremony for her Sixth Form College which I attended with Kizzy at the Severn Theatre.  When she was at her last school, I attended all the events she performed in, tolerating the lack lustre dance performers and the cringey comedy duos and the embarrassing music teacher who fronted his own jazz band to get his own 15 minutes in the limelight.  Her new college is so very different.  The students are unbelievably talented.  They had three concert grade pianists performing classical pieces by Beethoven and Chopin.  There was a lad who is playing a lead in a production of We Will Rock You who had an incredibly powerful voice.  There was an amazing arrangement of a Michael Jackson song performed acoustically which was far superior to anything I have ever heard done on X Factor or BGT.  A three piece girl, harmony group performed two songs, accompanied by one of them on guitar and they were so professional. It turned out that they had written the songs themselves too, but I did not realise this as they were so credible.  Add to this the academic awards and presentations and this college is just in a different league to her old school.  Moving Ella was definitely the right decision.  I was so proud of Ella who performed Lego House by Ed Sheeran.  She stood in the spotlight of the stage, just a little girl with her guitar and sang beautifully, with her engaging trademark smile on her face.  She was brilliant and received huge applause.  Her college principal is full of praise for Ella who isn't in with the music crowd, yet has had her talents recognized.  She is amazing!

We have exciting times to look forward to in the next few weeks too.   Megan is coming home for Easter before starting her new job, which will be wonderful.  We have our Butlins holiday coming up staying in their fancy new hotel.  Having a few days full board and with housekeeping in one of the three bedroomed appartments at the Wave Hotel is just what the doctor ordered.  Sea air and an all you can eat breakfast buffet is just what the doctor ordered!


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