Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Sending Presents to my Mum

I have blogged about the chaos of the first three weeks of March and how complicated my life was.
In the melee Ian and I totally forgot Mother's Day and failed to send cards to either of our mums.  Feeling utterly guilty about my daughter-fail, and unable to make the journey to visit in person due to the poorly kids, I had to put my faith in the hands of Parcelforce to restore my position as 'good daughter' in the eyes of my dear mum.  Bless her.  Not only did she not receive her usual Mother's Day present and card, the poor thing was also struck down by a horrible cough and cold bug and needed cheering up!

I packaged up a lovely bundle of gifts including a recipe book of cakes that my mum wanted, along with a box of her favourite Milk Tray chocolates, some pictures from the kids and some lavender scented shower gel and redeemed myself by sending this box of goodies safely all the way to her door in Wales!  Job done.  Day saved!

I felt even more virtuous as I reused a box from my pile of cardboard recycling to package up the parcel contents safe and sound.  And so although it wasn't exactly 'a brown paper package tied up with string' ( it was more a second hand grocery carton stuck up with parcel tape) my mum assured me that receiving a unexpected gift through the post was definitely one of 'her favourite things'!   She loved that it contained personal touches such as the kids' pictures which I'd sent, something you just don't get when ordering gifts to send online. It cheered her up no end, which was my objective and she totally understood about the failure to send a Mother's Day card due to my unfortunate extenuating circumstances.

Drawing Pictures for Nana
Since bestowing these goodies upon my mother, things have started to look up even more. Easter will be here soon (note to self: do NOT forget to send out Easter gifts to the family asap.  No repeating of my Mother's Day faux pas!!)  Although we have had snow, it is beginning to melt and there is the faintest promise of Spring in the air.  When the sun comes through from behind a cloud and I feel the warmth on my face, it feels so good.

Soon, I will be able to visit my mum in person and give her a long overdue hug.  I am hoping she will have been busy in the kitchen using the recipe book I sent her, and I'll be able to sample some home made muffins and cakes!  That will be a good day indeed.

My Baking Mum



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