Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Life Proof Your iPhone

If, like us, your pre-schoolers use your iPhone more than you do, then you too will live in fear of a cracked screen, yogurt smeared into the camera or a phone dropped into the loo!  All very possible and probable scenarios.  Even if your kids don't use your iPhone, it is still at risk of being dropped, getting dirty or getting rained on.  There is however a way of protecting your phone from these disasters.


A Lifeproof case is water proof, shock proof, snow proof and dirt proof.  It protects your iPhone from being dropped, getting wet or dirty without affecting its functionality.  The Lifeproof cases come in a range of colours and we were sent a black one to see how well it would make Ian's 4S Freddy-Proof!!


It is important to fit the case correctly and there is an instructional video online showing you exactly how to do it to ensure maximum protection.  The case comes with a microfibre cloth and it is vital that the iPhone is thoroughly cleaned of dirt, dust, grease and fingerprints before fitting.  After it is as clean as possible, the front is pushed into the front half of the case face down.  After inspecting the waterproof seal for dust and dirt, you can then snap the back on, pressing down firmly all the way around.

The case made the phone slightly chunkier, which made it feel more robust.  Ian liked this as he has to carry his phone around all day for work (when 3 year old Freddy isn't using it!) and it often gets bashed around in his laptop bag or pocket.  The touchscreen and camera work well behind their Lifeproof casing, although the sensitivity when playing fast games (like Subway Surfer) using the touchscreen is slightly reduced and needs a firmer touch.

The case claims to make your iPhone water tight to depths of 2m.  This means it can be used as an underwater camera.  You can even take it in the shower with you! We didn't test this out, but can confirm that when Freddy dropped his drink on the phone there was no disaster.  We just wiped it damage done.  Sticky fingers and biscuit crumbs also caused no harm.

iphone case

I feel that the Lifephone Case has 'butched' up Ian's iPhone!  It's a little bit more rugged and is happy to venture out where other iPhones fear to go.  It looks cool and has the advantage of being protected against most eventualities.  It is protected against dirt, dust, grime and sand so it can accompany Ian everywhere when doing DIY or gardening jobs.  It's weatherproof so even rain, hail or snow won't be a problem.  I like knowing that we will always be able to use the camera in any weather conditions.

There are other add-ons available so you can attach your Lifeproofed phone to your bike frame, bike helmet, your belt or to your arm (for swimming).  The cases are also available for iPads, iPod touch and of course the iPhone 5.  A worthy investment if you want to keep your valuable gadgets well protected.  It gives you the confidence to take your phone wherever you go, whatever you are doing!

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