Friday, 8 March 2013

Clearing Up The Clutter With Packmate

If your home is anything like mine, you will be a victim of clutter!  After having five children the volume of possessions we have accumulated is out of control. I have been sent some space saving storage solutions from Packmate to see if their products can help in the de-cluttering of my house.

Packmate specialises in practical storage for the home and garden and its new Storeasy range provides the home with a contemporary range of quick fixes to hide away clutter.

The Packmate vacuum storage bags compress your clothes, bedding, duvets etc by removal of air using a vacuum cleaner.  This allows you to store up to four times the volume in the same space in your wardrobe, cupboard or under your bed.  They also protect the items from damp, dust and household pests such as moths.

vacuum bags

Flat vacuum storage bags allow the flat storage of bulky items making them ideal for under bed storage. Items such as bedding sets, clothing or cushions can be stored in the Jumbo, Extra Large and Large bags, which have a wide opening for easy filling. They have a monochrome pattern design and like the other Packmate products are guaranteed for 5 years. These are great for storing the clothes that I intend to hand down to my grandson from his uncle Freddy.  It keeps them safely stored and they take up a fraction of the space that they would otherwise. Prices start at £9.99.

High Volume storage bags have a square base creating cubed storage which is ideal for the top of a wardrobe or inside plastic storage boxes in the loft.  They are suitable for bulkier items such as ski-wear or winter coats.  They have a black and white floral pattern making them look attractive.  Prices start at £11.99.

Hanging Vacuum storage bags from the Storeasy range are designed to create additional space in the wardrobe making it easier to organise and store clothing.  The inner compression bag allows multiple clothes to be stored taking up far less space.  This bag fits inside a protective carry case which zips up.  This is great for storing things like Halloween and fancy dress outfits which take up a lot of room all year round.  Prices start at £3.50.

The Garden vacuum storage tote is a perfect solution for storing the cushions from outdoor furniture over the winter.  They can take up a lot of space ordinarily and are prone to get damp if stored wrong.  The vacuum bag shrinks them down to a more manageable size, keeping them safe and clean until summer comes round again.  The outer, waterproof bag keeps them protected, making them suitable for storage in a garage or shed.

These storage solutions will definitely make it much easier to store clothing, bedding, cushions and fancy dress costumes, plus the contents of the bags will be protected keeping them safe.  They are easy to use and  are a great way to make optimum use of the storage space available in your home. 

Packmate products are available throughout the UK from independent traders, T K Maxx, Lakeland, Home Sense, Robert Dyas and from online retailers including Amazon.

They have the Good Housekeeping Institute Seal of Approval 2013.

Find out more and see the full range at


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