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Learn To Count With LEGO DUPLO

When my first son Joe was born 25 tears ago, I discovered the wonderful world of LEGO DUPLO.  I bought him different sets and tubs of bricks over the years, to make a wonderful collection that he loved playing with.  When his three sisters and his little brother Freddy came along, they too enjoyed playing with the colourful Duplo building blocks, animals and vehicles.  A quarter of a century later, the original pieces are still being played with alongside many new additions which have been added to the mix.  LEGO DUPLO is just so timeless, durable and loved by little ones.  It is a brand that we love here Inside the Wendy House.

When Netmums were looking for reviewers for the LEGO DUPLO Learn To Count Train, I was delighted to be chosen.  The multi-coloured train set comes with numbered bricks to help children with number recognition and learning to count.  Learning through play is the best way for little ones to grasp concepts, such as counting, shapes and colours, while they are having fun.  This toy from LEGO DUPLO is perfect for this, plus it helps develop creativity, fine motor skills, role play and problem solving.


The train comes loosely packaged in a recyclable cardboard box with no excessive plastic to contend with, which is something that I really appreciate.  The contents are clearly illustrated on the side of the box, and photographs of the train and other ideas for using the set, give inspiration for play.  A scale picture of one of the numbered bricks alongside a LEGO DUPLO man, illustrates the size of the pieces, which are perfect for little hands to hold.  It is for children aged between 2 and 5.


As soon as he saw the box, 3 1/2 year old Freddy began to point to the colourful number pieces on the front of the box and count along from one to ten.  He was very proud of himself and couldn't wait to start playing!

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After tipping the contents of the box onto the floor, Freddy sorted out all the number pieces naming the colours, shapes and numbers as he did so.  Big sister Ella helped him build the train and then Freddy put the numbers onto the carriages in order and added the other bricks to make his very own Number Train.  


It was a delight to see him build towers, count bricks, name colours and shapes, explore different ways to put the bricks together, role play imaginatively with the train and the driver, whizz the train around the floor and generally have a whole lot of fun!   The colours are bright and appealing and the design of the train is perfect for little ones.  

I love that this LEGO DUPLO Number Train will integrate into the collection I have built up ever since buying my first piece for my first son back in 1988, and I love that we can continue to grow our collection for the grandchildren!  LEGO DUPLO is in my opinion, one of the best toys you can buy for your children.  There is so much variety to appeal to children whatever their tastes.  It grows with them and can be added to, inspiring play and learning for years to come.  The Number Train with its inclusion of numbered bricks makes a great basis for learning early number skills and allows parents and older siblings to interact and get involved through play.

Just take a look at these photos of Freddy playing with his Number Train to see how much fun he had.  I'd definitely recommend the LEGO DUPLO brand to anyone looking for toys to keep their pre-schoolers happy, enabling them to build their own new adventures everyday!

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