Thursday, 21 March 2013

Dinosaur Train and Other Top TV Shows for Pre-Schoolers

The world’s cutest T-Rex, Buddy, and his friends are back once again to entertain the kids this Easter with the latest compilation on DVD; Dinosaur Train – Hatching Party- released on 25 March 2013, courtesy of Studio Canal.  Hatching Party includes seven episodes:

• Hatching Party

• The Theropod Club
• Triceratops for Lunch
• Buddy the Tracker
• Diamond Don
• The Old Bird
• Valley of Stygimolochs

Special Features:

• Educational Segments with Dr Scott
• Egg Holder to decorate

We were sent a review disc and it will make a welcome addition to Freddy's collection of DVDs. He enjoys watching Buddy the T-Rex as he climbs aboard the Dinosaur Train and  meets other prehistoric animals. It would certainly make a great alternative to a chocolate Easter Egg this year.

To celebrate its release, they have recommended some other top TV shows for pre-schoolers which are listed below and of course includes every pre-school paleontologist's favourite show 'Dinosaur Train'.

Dinosaur Train

The world’s cutest dinosaurs are back in this educational and funny show that teaches pre-schoolers all about science and fulfils their fascination of dinosaurs and trains with exciting adventures on prehistoric Earth.  Clever and exciting the dinosaurs partner together and learn about the prehistoric animals around them!

Sesame Street

It is the original pre-schoolers television series and it has been around the block since 1969.  It follows your favourite friends including Cookie monster, Big Bird, and the whole crew as they sing songs with their primary focus on educating children by teaching them how to count with Count Dracula or their ABC’s.  This classic pre-schoolers television series is one that both you and your children can relate to.

Dora the Explorer

This famous pre-schooler television show follows bilingual Dora as she teaches kids both Spanish and English and has a moral story about friendship and not stealing like Swiper the fox!  This show is a favourite due to the strong educational presence and ethics it teaches the children.

 Super Why

Super why follows four friends with super powers including Alpha Pig with Alphabet Power, Wonder Red with Word Power, Princess Presto with Spelling Power, Super Why with the Power to Read.  They use their super powers in fairy tales to solve problems from their everyday lives and invite super YOU to come into the pages to help them!

Little Einsteins

This great pre-schoolers program combines real life images with classical music and art to educate and entertain young children. This show is unlike others in that it focuses on teaching young children about classical art and music and each episode is themed around providing an introduction to the classics of art and music. 

Freddy is a huge fan of Super Why and The Little Einsteins which are both educational as well as a lot of fun.  I would also add The Numberjacks, The Iconicles, Peppa Pig, Handy Manny, Ben and Holly and Tickety Tock to the list.  All Freddy's other favourite TV shows!

What are your kids' favourite TV shows?

Dinosaur Train- Hatching Party is out on DVD 25 March 2013 courtesy of Studio Canal.


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