Friday, 22 March 2013

Occasion Smurfs from Schleich

Ever since the release of the Smurfs movie, the little blue fellas have proved quite a hit with my kids.  The prospect of the second movie this year will only add to their love of all things Smurf.  So when I received a collection of Smurf figures from Schleich, the children were very happy!

The collection includes: Valentine's Day Smurf; Sorry Smurf; Happy Birthday Smurf; Bride & Groom Smurf; Baby Smurf; Thank You Smurf; Get Well Soon Smurf and Party Smurfette.

Each cute little character is posed with an accessory befitting the occasion they represent.  The fun Party Smurfette comes in her own cocktail glass, Valentine's Day Smurf is holding a big love heart shaped box of chocolates behind his back and Happy Birthday Cake has a cupcake with a candle and a party hat.  The attention to detail, from the expressions on their face to their posture is perfect to convey their special messages.

These Smurfs would make a great alternative to a card for a special occasion, or could be used as a cake topper.  The Bride and Groom Smurf would look very smart sat on top of a cake celebrating the wedding of two Smurf fans!  Baby Smurf in his nappy and with a dummy in his mouth is a lovely memento to celebrate a baby being born and makes a cute little keepsake.


As with all Schleich's ranges, the Smurfs are well made, hand painted with exceptional detail and are well designed, bringing each character to life.  They would make a great collection for Smurf fans or will stand alone as a small gift for a special occasion.

The Smurfs are available from Amazon with prices starting from £3.39


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