Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Our Peppa Pig Theme Park Party

Peppa Pig

Yesterday we took part in a Peppa Pig party with  We were sent some brilliant Peppa merchandise and some of the latest Peppa's Theme Park toys along with ideas for games and food.  At 3pm the children began to arrive to help 3 year old Freddy test out the new range and have some fun, while I tried to take photos, prepare food and Tweet from the event (multi-tasking at its best.) We had a houseful of young guests eager to play games, do colouring in, eat pizza and cake, watch Peppa Pig on TV and try out the toys.

The kids loved Muddy Puddles Peppa who jumps up and down, counts and speaks phrases.  They copied her actions and giggled as she splashed and sploshed. The Theme Park Toys are based on the Peppa Pig World rides from Paulton's Park.  The Big Wheel, the Balloon Ride and the Train Ride are brightly coloured, plastic toys which have interactive features.  The Big Wheel spins and the seats pivot to keep the characters in their seats.  The Balloon Ride turns around and comes complete with a ticket kiosk and a 'ring the bell' game.  The Train Ride has three cute carriages, a rocket ship, a spinning cupcake and a dinosaur.  It wheels along the ground with the characters onboard.

Each piece comes with a Peppa character wearing a differently patterned dress.  Other characters are available in packs so you can add the likes of Rebecca Rabbit, Danny Dog and George Pig to your collection.  The figures are well detailed with movable limbs and are perfect for little hands.

The rides make a lovely theme park scene for children to play with. I found it a little fiddly to get the characters to sit in the carriages securely.  So my over zealous pre-schooler enjoyed spinning the wheel and balloons fast enough to make the characters fly out of their seats!  The Train Ride was voted the favourite toy by our guests. The carriages could be used on their own or joined together.  The children enjoyed whizzing the carrriages around, racing them against each other with Peppa, Rebecca and Suzie onboard.  The 'ring the bell' fairground game was a big hit.  Pressing the button makes the bell ring.  It's amazing how much little ones enjoy such a simple pleasure!

The Peppa brand has definitely got it right.  The children all love the show, the toys, the books and the other merchandise.  It has got real kid appeal with its simple imagery and the fun animal characters.  We had a great time celebrating the joys of  Peppa Pig and her friends today!

Big Wheel Playset RRP £14.99
Deluxe Balloon Ride Playset RRP £19.99
Theme Park Train RRP £14.99
Peppa and Friends Figures RRP £4.99


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