Monday, 11 March 2013

How Family Makes a Tough Week so Much Better!

It's been a difficult week.  Ian's operation was a week ago today and recovery has been slow and difficult.  He spent three days in hospital before coming home to recuperate for a further three weeks.  They said he had to rest completely which is something that my husband finds difficult, but he has been utterly laid to waste and unable to do anything anyway.  Thankfully he seems to be slowly on the mend now and I'm hoping that he will be up and at it (albeit very gently) shortly.  I have become an expert nurse and starting to think I missed my vocation.  I am a dab hand at catheter care and can clean and dress stitches without being too grossed out.  I am definitely ticking the 'in sickness and in health' box from our wedding vows.  Seeing Ian shuffling around, bent double in his slippers and dressing gown has given me a glimpse into our old age.  It's not pretty but when you love someone, it's all part of the job!

The operation that Ian had, has rebuilt his urethral tubes using a graft from the inside of his cheek which will hopefully mean that the risk of future kidney failure will be finally laid to rest.  His surgeon was Paul Anderson, the best man for the job in the UK and a regular on C4's Embarrassing Bodies.  In fact he has been on the show doing the exact same operation that he did on Ian.  Here is a link for anyone curious!

I really appreciate how much my husband does around the house, because doing everything is exhausting me!  I'm not used to soldiering all the responsibility and nursing a poorly hubby at the same time.  Ian takes on a lot of the childcare when it comes to Freddy, who continues to be quite a high maintenance child with his funny quirks and foibles.  He is really missing daddy being able to cuddle him and carry him like he did before the operation, and as Ian isn't allowed to lift anything for at least three weeks it'll be a while before things get back to normal.  He is however quite intrigued by his daddy's wee bag!  I am struggling settling him into nursery again and feel so guilty leaving him crying every morning.  But with September beckoning, he really needs to keep a daily routine.  It's hard though.

This week, Ella is away on a school trip to Germany, so my household is down to having just the two little ones at home.  This is a glimpse into what it will be like next year when Ella goes off to university.  My nest is emptying.  Ella has done so well in her AS exams getting two As and a B (which was one mark off of an A grade).  She actually finished in the top 10 of all entrants in her Chemistry exam.  She is such a clever little thing!! I'm so proud of her and everything she has achieved.  I'm so glad we made the decision to send her to the college she is at.  She is doing so well and getting so many opportunities.


Megan came home to see me and visit her dad on Mother's Day along with her boyfriend.  She's had a rough few days herself since some scumbag slashed her petrol tank to steal £30 of petrol, causing £700 worth of damage.  This meant she couldn't get herself to work or attend any appointments, but I guess the unemployed petrol thief wouldn't even consider the consequences of his selfish actions.  Thankfully, her boyfriend is an absolute star and has bent over backwards to help her out. It was lovely to see her and it cheered up her dad no end to have her company.  We had lots of laughs which is always good therapy!

cards, homemade cards

I loved my home made Mother's day cards.  I love the wonderful things that my kids write inside them.  I also was sent a beautiful picture of my grandson Ted with 'I Love Nana' on his babygro.  He is so adorable, I can't wait to see him again.

We attempted to watch John Carter on 3D but it didn't turn out too well as you can see by these two sleeping beauties in the photo below who were not adequately entertained enough by the movie to stay awake!  They did however, wake up to make me a Mother's Day Banoffee Pie (or Caveen Pie as Freddy insisted it was called!)  Whatever it was called, it was delicious!  

3D film

This week has reinforced to me that however tough times are, family makes everything so much more bearable and I love each and every one of my guys so unbelievably much!


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