Friday, 22 March 2013

Seasonal Care for Coughs and Colds

So we are forecast another wintry weekend of gale force winds and snow.  I thought it was meant to be spring already!  This unrelenting cold weather is doing nothing to help the coughs and colds that are lingering.  I am getting fed up of seeing my loved ones continually getting poorly.  At the moment my poor mum and dad are suffering from a really nasty cough.  They sound awful, but are being sensible, staying home in the warm and getting plenty of rest.  I hope they get well soon.

I was sent a seasonal care package to ease the suffering caused by these bugs!  Next time I see my parents I will be sharing my goodies with them!

colds, olbas

Olbas Bath is a fragrant and therapeutic bath liquid that soothes and relaxes aching bodies and helps clear the nose and head with its natural Olbas vapours.  It is suitable for anyone over 3 so is great to relieve congestion in pre-schoolers. A steamy, hot Olbas bath is just the thing to make you feel better!  I used some as a shower gel and it worked a treat with its lovely smell that really cleared my head and woke me up!

Olbas Menthol Lozenges are honey and lemon flavoured with added vitamin C. They provide soothing, natural menthol to help you breathe easy wherever you are.  Pop a pack in your handbag or pocket for quick relief from congestion.

Jakemans Minis are "marvellous menthol confections", sweets to soothe with vapour action to clear the passages.  Made from the finest ingredients the pocket sized packs are perfect for relief on the go.  Ian loves these and would happily eat the whole packet whether he has a cold or not.  He loves the menthol vapours.

Hopefully the better weather will soon arrive, bringing with it some better health for everyone.  Until then, look after yourself and keep some lozenges on hand just in case!


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