Saturday, 16 March 2013


Dr.Oetker has a brand new pizza about to hit the supermarket freezer aisles.  Panebello is a deep, bakery crust pizza with a thick base that is crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. I've been given the chance to sample a Pomodoro Mozzarella Panebello pizza with my pizza loving kids before it goes on sale in selected stores next week (available nationwide from April)!

I've always been a thin based pizza fan, but my children prefer the deep pan bases, so this was definitely one for them to enjoy.  I was impressed with the amount and the evenness of the topping on the frozen pizza, which went right to the edges.  As a precaution when cooking it, I placed a baking sheet below the shelf that the pizza was cooked on, but surprisingly there was no overspill.  The pizza cooked well following the instructions and came out looking golden and tasty.

The Mozarella cheese had the essential stretchiness that makes eating pizza so much fun.  The tomato sauce and tomato pieces were tangy and flavoursome. The basil added the authentic Italian flavour that Dr Oetker does so well. The base is very light and airy, rather than doughy, with a crisp outside.  The balance between base and topping was just about right for a deep pan pizza.  My children enjoyed it, which is always a good sign!  

Panebello is a good tasting, good looking pizza for fans of a deep pan base which is easy and convenient to cook straight from the freezer. 

 The MRRP is £2.99, much less than ordering a takeaway pizza.

Dr Oetker


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