Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Easter Treats from HARIBO

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Easter gifts aren't just about the chocolate eggs. This year, the combination of tasty, themed treats with fun, interactive packaging have made HARIBO's new Easter range the perfect alternative!


Chirping Chicks offers mini bags of sweets inside a box that turns into a home for chicks.  The packaging includes pop out characters to add to the fun. (Available exclusively at Tesco.)  Leaping Lambs and Bouncing Bunnies are also available with their own box houses.
The Twist 'n' Stick box twists to make different characters with the mix and match heads and bodies. Quirky accessory stickers can be added to increase the fun.  It also comes packed with tasty treats. (Available exclusively at Tesco.)

The Easter Fun Bucket is perfect for Easter treasure hunts.  The 32 mini bags can be hidden around the house and garden for the kids to find, using the bucket to collect their treasure!  There are some tips and hints included giving you ideas for Easter fun. (Available exclusively at Tesco.)

You can even download a HARIBO Easter Hunt Pack which includes cut and colour masks, clue cards, signs and animal footprints to follow.  Go to and click on the 'Hop, Hop, Hurray' box from the carousel of menu boxes to download the eggciting activity sheets. 

The Starmix Box is a great alternative to a chocolate egg, being a similar shape and size.  It contains yummy HARIBO Eggstras.

The mini bags that are included in all these products give a portion controlled quantity of sweet treats for children (or grown-ups!) to enjoy.  The cardboard packaging is recyclable and the plastic bucket is re-usable.

HARIBO's Easter Range is definitely going to make a great addition to the chocolate that the kids get this Easter, and the fun themed packaging will be a real hit with them too!


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