Monday, 25 March 2013

How To Make A Easter Bunny Mask

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With the weather being more akin to winter than spring, we have kept ourselves cosy by staying indoors!  Thankfully, we have had lots to keep us entertained and busy including doing some Easter arts and crafts projects. 3M Scotch set us a challenge to create some Everyday Magic at Easter with the kids by working on an Easter craft challenge using the Scotch Brand products. We were sent a bundle of Scotch goodies including their Magic Tape to use, which was perfectly timed to tie in with our own Easter craft activities.


For the challenge we decided to make an Easter Bunny Mask and Kizzy took charge!

What You Need

A4 foam sheet
Scotch scissors
Scotch Magic Tape
Scotch Double Sided Tape
Scotch Expressions Tape
Cotton wool
Pipe Cleaners
Hole Punch

What You Need to Do

Simply draw a mask shape onto card and use it as a template to draw the shape onto a piece of craft foam.
Cut out carefully (including eye holes - that are the right size and position for your child to see through!)
Using Scotch double sided tape, stick cotton wool onto his ears to make them fluffy.
Cut out cheeks from felt and teeth from white card and stick onto the mask with the tape.
Twist 3 pipe cleaners in the middle to make whiskers and stick with Scotch double sided tape.
Use Scotch Magic tape to secure the whiskers and then stick a felt nose on the top using a loop of tape.
Cut thin strips of Scotch Illusions tape and stick down as eyelashes.
Add a few finishing touches using feathers, felt shapes, glitter etc. to personalise your Bunny!
Carefully punch a hole on either side of your finished mask, thread elastic through and secure ends.

Here is Kizzy's video tutorial on How To Make an Easter Bunny Mask!

It was a fun activity allowing Kizzy to use her creativity to create a rather spangly and funky Easter Bunny.  I think she did brilliantly well!   Why don't you challenge your little ones to make some Easter crafts this year? From bonnets, to painted eggs, to decorated sweet jars to pompom chicks, Easter is a great inspiration for craft activities.  We are having a lot of fun getting arty this year (especially as we can't go outside!)


Check out Scotch's Facebook Page  for hints, tips, chat and competitions!

We were sponsored by Scotch 3M to take part in this challenge and were given a selection of tapes to use in our Easter arts and crafts activities.


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