Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Science X from Ravensburger


Ravensburger are probably best known for their puzzles, but the launch of their new range of activity kits is opening up the world of discovery to children aged 8 and over, nurturing a love of science. The Science X launch collection has three sizes to choose from; Mini kits with six amazing activities each; three Midi kits with twelve activities and completing the range are two Maxi kits with up to twenty fun tasks.

Each kit contains lots of interesting and exciting experiments and activities that children will want to explore and they will keep them busy for hours!

Kizzy was sent a Simulating Nature kit that explores the mechanics of how plants and animals adapt for their survival.  The set includes a full colour booklet that has details of the activities and ideas for extending the experiments, along with lots of facts to keep even the most curious kids satisfied.

The set includes a set of colourful cards featuring photographs to inspire discussion and get children thinking about the topics.

scinece x

Almost everything you need to carry out the experiments is included apart from a few household bits and bobs such as sticky tape, scissors etc.  


Kizzy loves science and was delighted to get stuck in making models of spinning seeds, moving hands, fish tails and other natural phenomena.  She explored why Polar Bears are white and how insulation works. She planted Nasturtium seeds in pots.  The activities are all very hands on and kept Kizzy engaged and entertained as she explored natural science.


Ravensburger’s Science X collection will open the world of discovery with these fun and exciting science kits for children in time for National Science and Engineering Week which runs from 15th-24th March 2013.


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