Friday, 22 June 2012

Our Second Honeymoon at The Gilpin

Some time ago, we entered the Gilpin Hotel's 25th Anniversary Competition and were delighted to be chosen as one of the twenty five lucky couples to win an overnight stay in their Lake House.  On Wednesday we headed off together for a long overdue second honeymoon in the Lake District.  Leaving Megan in charge of the kids, we were able relax and spend some quality time together for the first time in years!!

Lake District, relaxing

A day of unexpected sunshine was a real bonus!  As soon as we arrived we got into our swimming costumes, put on our robes and slippers and headed out to the beautiful lake.  We lounged on the wooden jetty, relaxed in the outdoor hot tub and had an amazing afternoon tea on the veranda.  It was just perfect!

Lake District

Gilpin, hotel

We were chauffeured to the hotel for a five course meal with champagne, canapes and wine matching in the evening.  Most of the food was absolutely exquisite, but I did discover that I don't have a cosmopolitan palate when it comes to desserts.  Strawberries with basil puree and a red pepper sorbet did not work for me...even though it looked Masterchef beautiful.  I am intrinsically a crumble and custard kind of girl!

food, fine dining,

We went for a lovely walk in the woodland as night fell.  The lake looked beautiful.  It was so peaceful and tranquil.  

Our suite had views over the lake, an enormous comfy bed and an amazing bathroom.  Full advantage was taken of it all.  

Next day saw a full English veggie breakfast served in the conservatory.  This was followed by a 30 minute filmed interview which is the second stage of the anniversary competition, where we were quizzed over our relationship, family and thoughts about holidays and special occasions.  It was actually really fun and Zoe, the hotel owner was so warm and friendly we pretty much forgot that there was a camera pointing in our faces.  Goodness knows what drivel I spouted!!  

It was so lovely to be with Ian, on our own in a gorgeous place.  However, I was glad to get home to the kids who were all perfectly fine and happy without us!  I look forward to spending more days with my husband as the little ones get older.  We have had a taste of what we have to look forward to in the future...and I liked it!! 

Check out the Gilpin's Facebook Page.  It would be a fantastic venue for a romantic retreat, a family party or a special occasion.  Our video will be appearing on there very shortly in the final stage of the competition!


  1. Mummyandthebeastie22 June 2012 at 17:11

    So good to hear you had a wonderful time, it sounded just perfect! I am with you on the desserts, just criminal, I like traditional puds too. I bet you feel all relaxed and rejuvenated now and lovely you got to have some quality time with your husband - it's all too easy to not make time for our partners isn't it xx

  2. Lovely company, lovely location and lovely food. What more could you ask for? Except possible crumble and custard. Love you so much Wendy and indeed a taste of what we have to look forward to. XXX

  3. What a wonderful setting - the Gilpin Hotel looks everything that is romantic and amazing, and the food looks exquisite - those cakes look special - in fact, it all looks most appetising. I am so pleased you had your well earned second honeymoon, you deserved it. You must try more getaways, we will always be on hand if you need us.

  4. We're off to the Lake House tomorrow, also having won a weekend... I don't like crumble or custard so can't wait to sample the Masterchef puds! Nice post... thank you for whetting our appetite for our stay - and I'm now even looking forward to the interview and chatting about good times!

  5. Have a fabulous is a beautiful place. xxx



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