Friday, 1 June 2012

Ice Age 4 Continental Drift Review

Kizzy's Odeon Junior Reviewer for Ice Age 4 Entry!

Kizzy loves films.  She really is a junior film buff and when she found out about the Odeon Official Junior Reviewer competition, she was really eager to have a go at making a video review of the official Ice Age 4 Trailer.

She loves the Ice Age films and was really excited about the trailer for Continental Drift.  It does look like a pretty exciting film!  My daughter would make the perfect reviewer for this film, after all  Kizzy has even met Sid!

Here is her video review of the Ice Age 4 Continental Drift Trailer for Odeon....please give it a watch....even if it is just to see my hilarious attempt at Ice Age face painting!  hehe! 

The five videos with the most views go forward to a judging stage and I'd love for her efforts to go in front of  the judges!  Thank you for your time :)

Ice Age 4 Continental Drift comes to cinemas on July 13th 2012.


  1. Kizzy is such a natural - she has certainly convinced me that Ice Age 4 is a brilliant
    film and I am sure it will be a roaring success when it is released on July 13th.

  2. It's a great video from Kizzy, she's a natural...and that face painting is really good too Wendy! x

  3. I just watched the video of Kizzy again and cannot believe how professional she looks and sounds. What a star - she deserves to be selected as an official junior reviewer.

  4. Ha! You've got it in the bag!! Did Kizzy really do those brilliant drawings??

  5. She did love doing this video, bless her. Her big sister did the drawing for her to hold up, but Kizzy didn't give her any credit for it!! x



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