Friday, 20 January 2012

We're Going Potty!!! #Project 366 Day 20

After Freddy decided that it was time to potty train, he has been doing a brilliant job.  We've even ventured out in the car and stayed dry!  I am loving the teeny tiny pants that he is now wearing.  It is beyond cute and is giving me plenty of reasons to smile!  Well done Fred :)

We love the Pourty, which has become our potty of choice!

Pourty and Pants!


  1. ahh Go Freddy...loving the Toy Story pants! Jack has boxer shorts on today with a monkey wearing sunglasses on the bum....very cute!
    Long may the pant wearing last x

  2. The Pourty is amazing isn't it? I think it's really comfy for them, easy to clean and the high splashguard means minimal accidents!

    Good luck!

  3. Fab, glad it is going well. I think we will be facing this 'delight' in the Summer.

  4. Way to go Freddy x

  5. Well done Freddy - I wonder if my putting his nappy on back to front had anything to do with his decision. xx

  6. I am exploring potty options at the moment (although my wee one is too small yet) so I will look at this pourty. Hope it goes well with minimal fuss for you both! x

  7. YAY for Freddy :-) I though I would have a few more weeks/months before embarking on the potty training but when Youngling approached me I followed his lead. Best advice I could ever give anyone. That and lots of high praise, even with spillages etc. He has been dry now for 10-11months. Wow almost a year that's gone so quickly. Keep up the good work xx



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