Thursday, 12 January 2012

Reasons To Be Cheerful

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

This week has been very testing for me.  What is it with the start of new years to knock me for six!  

First of all Freddy has been really poorly.  We have had a touch of a flu bug but were both on the mend.  Then a couple of nights ago at 3am I became aware that his little body was violently shaking.  I tried to calm him thinking it was just him having a nightmare but I quickly realised he was actually having convulsions. Freddy wasn't with it at all and his temperature was starting to rise.  I phoned the out of hours medical service.  They ran through a checklist of symptoms and advised me to give him Calpol and Calprofen.  By now his temperature had spiked at 39.8 degrees and his hands and feet were freezing cold.  Thankfully the medicine brought his temperature down and Freddy came back, but not before projectile vomiting everywhere.  Today after a rough couple of days, he is back to his normal self and his temperature has stabilized.  I marvel at the resilience of our little ones and how they can bounce back.  I thank God that he just had a virus and has no ill effects from his ideal.  I am so, so grateful that my baby is OK.  However, the stress and lack of sleep has set me right back and I feel so ill again with infected sinuses.  I'm not as young as I used to takes a long time to get over things!

Ian has a date for surgery next week, culminating months of  tests and procedures to find out what was wrong with him.  When the medical profession tells you that you have a problem that could be serious, you immediately start to panic about life threatening diseases.  Thankfully, the root of Ian's problems are nothing more than a build up of internal scar tissue caused by a childhood BMX accident.  Although the surgery is invasive and will make him unwell for up to two weeks, it will prevent him from suffering from kidney failure in the future.  Together we will get through it.  I will put on my nurse's hat (metaphorically, not literally as I do not own a naughty nurse's outfit!!) and take care of my husband like he has always taken care of me!

Kizzy has written me the most beautiful letter because I have been really unwell and it is getting me down.  She ended it by writing "You inspire me, teach me and love me.  That is all I need!"  That made me feel so proud and very humbled.  However rough I feel right now she knows how to put a smile on my face.

I am battling on and trying to see the positive in everything.  I will not allow my problems to drag me down, life is too short and too precious.  I'll be better soon, the kids are all OK and Ian will soon get 'fixed' and recover and be as good as new.  Things will get better, and when they do I am going to super cheerful about it!

Find more reasons for good cheer over at Michelle's blog.  She also has a fabulous competition for everyone who links up!!


  1. Rough time but you are digging deep and will come through it all. Sending virtual hugs

  2. Musings from a mum12 January 2012 at 21:26

    What a difficult start to the New Year. Glad to hear your son is on the mend. Well done to you for thinking positively about the challenges you're facing. Really hope all starts to get better soon. x

  3. "You inspire me, teach me and love me. That is all I need!" awww how adorable. Poor you dealing with a poorly little one, I hate it when the temp spikes and the shaking starts, so scary, glad he is better now x

  4. And I am here for anything you need (may not be a reason to be cheerful though) Love you guys x

  5. You have a great spirit which will always see you through. Glad your little one is better. It is quite scary when you don't know what is the matter with them and good luck to your husband when he has his op.

  6. What an inspirational blog - I think it was wonderful that Kizzie wrote you a letter with such a beautiful ending - I bet it bought a tear to you eye - it did mine. You have had a couple of devastating weeks what with illness and worry - but thankfully Freddy is back to good health and I sincerely hope you are now feeling better.
    As for my lovely son-in-law Ian, I have got every confidence that he will soon be
    back to his old self, once the operation is over.

  7. Aaahh what a terrible start to the year but what a lovely Daughter you have to write you a letter like that to make you smile. You should be very proud. Despite the dodgey start wishing you a fantastic 2012 xx

  8. Holy cow that's a nasty scare! I defy anyone to feel good after that! But Kizzy is your daughter? That is an amazing note to receive from a daughter - you must be so proud! Good luck re the op x

  9. Awwww your poor little Freddy, its so horrible when they are unwell isnt it. Glad to hear your Hubby hasn't a serious problem, you must have been so worried! And how lovely of your Daughter to write that letter and what a fab Mum you must be to get it! x

  10. TheRamblingPages13 January 2012 at 18:32

    You have such a positive attitude. Really glad freddie is OK, I rushed my Mini Man to the hospital when he had a convulsion - its so scary isn;t it. Hope you feel better soon x



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